5 Exciting Things to do in March 2020!

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March is a great time to travel. The chill of winter in North is reduced. Summer has not yet started. The weather in the country is generally pleasant. Here is a list of 5 exciting things to do in March 2020!

In this monthly series, we list few exciting travel experiences you can embark on. Please check it out…..

1 See Coffee Blossoms!

March is the time when the hills of Coorg, Sakleshpur and Chikmagalur gets whitewashed in white! Yes folks, it is the time for coffee blossoms! Our own “Cherry Blossom” time!.

After the first mango showers, white blossoms show up on coffee plants covering the slopes of western ghats in white. It is soothing for the senses with light aroma in the air! The spell is short and last only for 10 – 12 days and be there to experience it. This is the first of exciting things to do in March 2020!

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2 Go for Scuba in Netrani/Goa/Andamans/Lakshadweep

March is a good time for Scuba diving and snorkelling. The skies are clear and waters are still. It is not very hot either. You can choose from this list of places to experience the under sea world! We assure you, it is mind-blowingly beautiful. We did it closer home in Netrani on the west coast and it was once in a life time experience! This is the second of exciting things to do in March 2020!

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3 Head to a Hill Station

Hill stations in the country gets crowded in summer and it is better to be avoided. We always felt that March and April are best months to go there. It is exam time for kids and the crowds are less. It won’t be too cold and the weather will be lovely. Whether it is the hills stations of Himalayas or in South India, it is a good time to explore. This is the third of exciting things to do in March 2020!

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4 Basant Utsav in Shantiniketan or Holi in Vrindavan

exciting things to do in march 2020

exciting things to do in march 2020

The season of Spring or Vasant Ritu is the season of freshness. It is the season of rejuvenation when you see new twigs on the trees and trees are green and lovely after winter.

Vasant Ritu is also start of festivals in the country. Our choice of the month is either the colourful holi in Vrindavan/Mathura or the Basant Utsav in Shantiniketan. Both are amazing experiences and you may pick up any of them! This is the fourth of exciting things to do in March 2020!

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5 Bicycling in the hills in South India

exciting things to do in march 2020

Poorna cycling on the meadows in Sakleshpur!

It is a pleasure to bicycle in the hills of South India. Munnar, Ooty, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Kodaikanal, Vagamon and Valparai are lovely places to explore at your own lazy pace on your bicycles! This is the fifth of exciting things to do in March 2020! Take your bicycle and just cycle around in cool breeze in the morning! It is Nirvana out there!

These are 5 exciting things in March we recommend you can on try. We would love to hear from you if we need to add any to the list. Please write to us in the comments section below.

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