10 Travel resolutions for the New year!

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 09:48 am

The first week of new year has already gone by. Have you made any travel resolutions for the new year?  Here are some resolutions we would recommend that you add to whatever you have decided so far……..

1) Go to a remote place

Verdant valley of Mechuka
Check out for a place where people have not been to. Like Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh, Harihareshwar in Maharashtra, Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradeh, Vagamon in Kerala or Baindoor in Karnataka. You would love the experience of exploring them with no crowd around.

2) Do something interesting

Kayaking in Goa
We all do “sightseeing” when we travel. Why don’t you travel this time only to do something interesting. You can trek in Himalayas or Western Ghats. If you love beaches then beach treks are yours. You may also trek on railway track to one of the loveliest of waterfalls. You can ride a wave or go under it to check the lovely world under the ocean. You can join cycling trips or do jeep safaris………the choice is limitless. But do something new this year. Some posts in this blog to help you plan.

Scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing in india

Five lovely treks in Karnataka!

Four beach treks in Karnataka you should do!

3) Check out history

A stone mantap in Hampi
We know you love beaches. We know you love forests. But why don’t you check out our rich heritage. Make a resolution today to visit  at least one UNESCO World Heritage site this year. Whether it is Hampi or Thanajvur or Khajuraho or Agra fort, we will assure you that you will come out mesmerised.

4) Savour new cuisine

Gourmet’s paradise!
Why not travel for food once? To Indore to savour Chaats or to Dharwad for its famous peda or to Karaikkudi for Chettinad chicken or Malpua in Pushkar……The diversity in Indian cuisine is astonishing. To make it easier, we will help you with this list.

A checklist for gourmets on travel in India

5) See a tiger!

Tiger in Dudhwa (Photo courtesy – Sameer Pandey)
We mean it. Go in search of Tiger. If you are lucky you will see the big cat. If not, you will comeback rich with experience. Why don’t you explore unknown tiger reserves like Bhadra in Karnataka, Nagjhari in Maharashtra or Dudhwa in Uttar Pradesh……

6) Go on a road trip

A rain drenched road in Chikmagalur
Road trips are always fun. We love them. With roads in India getting better, it is time to get out and get some freedom. Drive to experience the monsoon in Western ghats or to savour the breathtaking landscape in Ladakh or explore the heritage sites in south India. You will be spoilt for choice. here are posts in this blog to help you plan.
7) Plan early
Always. It would be better you create a travel calender for the year. With every company and government publishing holidays well in advance, it makes sense to plan your holidays in advance.
8) Do it on your own
We never go with an agency for our travel. We do it on our own. There is lot of fun in doing that. Planning is exciting. Try it once.
9) Plan your trip when others don’t!
We had to add this when we heard all our friends were going out in Christmas! We have seen and experienced heavy rush in all the places during the holidays. Try and avoid the public holidays if you can.
10) Read a good travel book

Pick up a Bill Bryson or Paul Theroux or Pico Iyer or the book above. We bet you will not put it down till you finish. Here is a list we love and hopefully it will help you.

A list of great travel books and travel movies!

Would you like to add any more to this list? You are welcome.

We once again wish you all a fabulous 2015! Be safe and keep travelling in 2015!

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