Road Trip Vignettes – Colours of the Earth!

Last updated on December 26th, 2017 at 05:14 pm

Colours of the earth! That’s exactly what we saw last week.
We were on a road trip last Saturday driving in the Western Ghats. The drive from from Chikmagalur to Tarikere is a road tripper’s bliss. Curvy road. Lush greenery on either side of the road. Fantastic landscape with Mullayanagiri ranges to give you company. Once you cross the town of Shantaveri, you will enter into a small ghat section. This is not a long stretch but may be 15 KMs. It is a pleasant drive with lovely view of the plains in the distance with hills as backdrop on one side and forest on the other.
Though we have driven on this road umpteen times, we were in for a surprise this time. As we peeped out of the window even as we started climbing down, we were surprisingly pleased with the landscape. The pre monsoon showers had activated the farming activities. Tilling of fields had unravelled the colours of the earth. There was red and orange colours completing with green of trees. Then you had the green vistas of hills as the backdrop.
We stopped for few minutes to savour the colours of the earth.
This is what we saw……

Click on the picture to see in the larger size and see how the landscape looks!

Colours of the earth Chikmagalur

You can see this only now before the sowing starts. If you miss it, then wait for next May!.


Road trips are always like this. You suddenly notice something interesting and get down. It can be anything. A lovely landscape or a small water fall or life in rural india. It gives you the freedom to enjoy the journey at your own pace. Many a time, we have noticed that journeys are more interesting than the actual destination itself. We call these as “memorable moments” on the road. When these vignettes are captured on the lens, they remain cherished memories forever.

If you are planning a road trip during monsoon, you should click on this link 12 Road trips to experience monsoon in Western Ghats in this blog.

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