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So, you love to travel.
And you are a foodie and love to experience local tastes when you travel. Masala Dosa in Bangalore, Chettinad chicken in Chennai, Sorpotel in Panjim, Ghevar in Jaipur, Dahi Vada in Indore, Suleimani chai in Bhopal, Lassi or bhang laced thandai in Benaras, Hilsa in Calcutta, lovely Tibetan cuisine in Dharamshala or alu dum in Kashmir…….
The variety is just amazing. We love to explore local taste whenever we travel. The first thing we do when we land in a new place is to figure out what is famous in that place and which is the best restaurant.
We were browsing old copies of India today travel plus magazine and noticed a list for gourmets to explore the cuisine of India in of its issue in 2012. Here it is…..
Also, a nice list of India’s iconic dishes by Priya and Anurag who are gourmets and quintessential travellers.
Here is our own A to Z list. 26 of them….though the list is indicative. Being veggies, we could only list vegetarian stuff.
a) Masala Dosa – Town Canteen (Chikmagalur), Vidyarthi Bhavan (Bangalore), Janardhana Hotel (Bangalore), Circle Tiffin Room (CTR) (Bangalore), MTR (Bangalore)
b) Khara Bath – MTR (Bangalore)
c) Idli & Vada – Brahmin’s Coffee Bar (Bangalore)
d) Paranthas – Paranthe Wale Galli, Old Delhi
e) Channa Batura – LMB (Lakshmi Misthan Bhandar), Jaipur
f) Mysore Pak – Ram Vilas Sweets (Gundanna Hotel), Bangalore
g) Pongal – The Bangala, Karaikudi
h) Vegetarian Thali – South Indian – MTR, Bangalore
i) Vegetarian Thali – Gujarati – Agashiye, Ahmedabad
j) Vegetarian Thali – Punjabi – Kesar dhaba and Brothers Dhaba, Amritsar
k) Vegetarian meal – Rajasthani – Chowki Dani, Jaipur
l) Lassi – Roadside stalls opposite Krishna Temple, Mathura & Blue Lassi, Varanasi
m) Dahi Vada – Joshi Dahi Vada, Sarafa Bazar, Indore
n) Chats – Sarafa Bazar, Indore
o) Pedha – Thakur peda, line bazar, Dharwad & Pedha in the shops opposite Krishna temple in Mathura, Pedha in Benaras
p) Kunda – Purohits, Camp, Belgaum
q) Davanagere Butter dosa – Kottureshwara, Opposite BDT Dental College, Davangere
r) Sabudana vada – Vaishali, Pune
s) Laddu – Lovely sweets (Jalandhar), Bahadura Sweets (Gwalior), Anand Sweets (Bangalore), Bandar laddu of Machilipatnam
t) Pal Kova or Milk cake – Venkateshwara, Srivilliputtur, Tamil Nadu
u) Jalebi – Gurdas Ram Jalebiwala (Amritsar), JB’s (Guwahati), Old Famous Jalebiwala (Old delhi)
v) Malpua – Halwai shops in Pushkar
w) Rassogulla/Sandesh – Bhim Chandra Nag (Kolkata), Chittaranjan (Kolkata)
x) Poori – MTR (Bangalore), LMB(Jaipur), JB’s (Guwahati)
y) Pav Bhaji – Stalls in Chowpatti/Juhu in Mumbai
z) Cookies – Kayani bakery (Pune), Karachi Bakery (Hyderabad), Varrier Bakery (Bangalore)
Let us end the list with pan and Chai/Coffee
Pan – Where else but Benares aka Varanasi
Chai – Suleimani chai in Bhopal, Boiler chai in Tamil Nadu
Coffee – South Thindies, MTR, Maiyyas in Bangalore, Kumbakonam degree coffee in Kumbakonam/Thanjavur

This was our indicative list. Which is your favourite place to eat? Please do share it with us.

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