Vignettes of Rural Bihar, India

Last updated on November 22nd, 2015 at 02:31 pm

These scenes can be seen in any part of rural India. When we were driving from Siliguri to Bodhgaya we happened to drive through the Gangetic plains of Bihar in North India. A region where agriculture is the main livelihood and farmer is the king. The life here revolves around farming.
It was evening and the fog was enveloping even as the sun started setting in the horizon. Long stretches of greenery was separated only by the black tarmac. Kids were playing in the field. Cattle were returning back from their graze. Women were preparing the hearth. Men were drinking chai with a beedi and discussing local politics. Life goes on in the villages. Leisurely. Stress free.

Here are some pictures we took on the way.

A boy enjoying a horse ride
A girl preparing fodder for cattle
What’s cooking?
Discussing what is to be done next day in the farm
Country roads take me home
Preparing fodder for Summer 
Don’t disturb. I am having my evening snack. Notice that cattle are also covered from biting cold 
Waiting for the next customer
Filling up the sacks with farm produce 
Separating seed from the chaff 
The day is over!
All in a day’s work
Cricket is India’s passion!
What’s up?
Inspecting the farm on a horse 
We are loving this!!

It was a lovely drive in the evening through the heartland of Bihar where life was easygoing unlike the one we lead in mega cities.

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