Sundays are meant to be in Sunday Bazaar (Sunday Market)!

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Sunday Bazaar? Surprised with title of this post?

Instead of asking you to laze around on the bed and drink a good cup of coffee with newspaper in hand, why are we suggesting you to go to Sunday bazaar? Because, if you are curious and looking for an experience of street shopping, this is the place to be in Bangalore.

We are not sure of other places – we understand that Hyderabad also has one and Delhi has Sunday Book bazaar – but you should make a point to visit Sunday bazaar in Bangalore.

Poorna’s first experience of Sunday Bazaar or “Gujari” – as it used to be called in good old days – was accompanying his dad on Sunday mornings to the old city of Bangalore. It was to buy second hand stuff. On Sundays, when the regular shops are closed, another market springs to life where you can buy anything.
This is what we would suggest you to do this Sunday if you are in Bangalore. Get up lazily, have your cup of coffee with a diet of your favourite newspaper.
Then take out your vehicle or better pick up an auto rickshaw and head to Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan in Balepet for a brunch around 10 AM. Finish brunch of excellent Masale Dose and Rave Bisi Bele Bath and then take a leisurely walk towards BVK Iyengar road.
sunday bazaar
Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan (Photo Courtesy – http://indianbazaars.blogspot.in/)
Once you reach BVK Iyengar road, the bazar starts at the junction of BVK Iyengar road and Arcot Srinivasachar road. its lanes and bye lanes, you will be surprised with the number of temporary stalls on the footpath selling anything from old LP records to latest cell phones.
You are now in Sunday Bazaar. Bangalore’s own Chor Bazaar replica of Mumbai.
The uniqueness of Sunday Bazaar is it is never stagnant. You will always find something interesting if you have an eye for the curious.  Anything sells here. Bolts to blankets, from soles to software, from loo bowls to washing machines, name it and you will find it at the Sunday Bazaar.
sunday bazaar
Dumbbells for Sale (Photo Courtesy – Subbarayan Prasanna)
It all started as a market for secondhand goods. It continues to be one. But of late, you will see brand new items jostling for space with old on the streets.  As you walk along the lanes and bye lines, you will be surprised to see items you had never thought of.  Old coins, old books, binoculars, old cameras, radios, LP records and antique stuff……if you have patience to look around and check you will be surprised with list.  Home décor items, tools and equipments, mixer-grinders, washing machines, television sets, music systems, DVD players, refrigerators, garments, blankets, gym equipments, pen-drives, imported watches. List is endless.
Yes, you need to bargain for the prices. The traders are also aware of this. So it is the question of who has better bargaining skills.
It is a good place to pick up stuff of yesteryears. Also good for human watching, to see the energy of people who throng every Sunday to buy items at cheaper cost. We go there once in a while to pick up some knick knacks or an antique lock or an old camera. We have never come back disappointed.
Post Script – This is not like a leisurely shopping you experience in Malls in an air conditioned atmosphere. You will not get branded items here. Wear a cap and sunglasses. Carry bottles of water. The complete area of Old Bangalore will be like a huge market. It is up to you to explore. Based on your patience and time!
Please take a look at this nice Photo Essay on Sunday Bazaar by Subbarayan Prasanna

Sunday Market on BVK Iyengar Road

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