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Last updated on December 26th, 2017 at 04:57 pm

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Why Coorg again? you may ask. We just could not resist sharing this amazing place we read about in “Sanctuary” magazine.

It is not for those who look for “Sightseeing” experience in Coorg. It is for those who want experience beyond travel. SAI Sanctuary is one such place. Pristine, unspoilt wilderness spread across 300 acres. As the people behind this initiative writes
“Our Mission is To protect and preserve the last remaining natural Wild Places of the Earth—especially equatorial rainforests—thereby safeguarding our vital water sources as well as the planet’s rich biodiversity of both flora and fauna for ourselves and future generations.”
Please keep this in mind when you visit the place. Be a responsible guest in the sanctuary. Here are some pictures from the place.
We haven’t been there and will soon go at next available opportunity. Here is the link to their website
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Coorg from the Sky

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