Christmas in India | 5 Best Places to feel Yuletide Spirit !

Christmas is round the corner. The Yuletide spirit is already in the air. Christmas in India is celebrated with lot of fervour. Here are our picks for experiencing the Yuletide spirit.

1 Panaji

Christmas in India

A lovely installation on the way to Colva beach, Goa

Our first pick to experience Christmas in India is obviously Goa. Having been there during Christmas, we say Christmas in Goa is fun. The festivities start well in advance and it continues till the dawn of the new year, You will find installations of Santa Claus at every junction. You will find lovely installations from life of Jesus at many places. Houses are decorated and churches look lovely. The joyous spirit is there everywhere. Of course, there is Feni, Xacuti, Sun and Sand too.

2 Velankanni

Christmas in India

The basilica decorated for Christmas.

One of the India’s largest churches in the country and a revered place for christians as well as Hindus. The basilica of our lady of health is thronged by thousands during Christmas to seek blessings. For one week, it is festivities galore in Velankanni. Being there is to feel the real spirit of Christmas in India.

3 Aizawl

Christmas in India

A street decorated for Christmas in Aizawl.

Aizawl is a cute little town in the state of Mizoram in north-eastern part of india. Almost everyone in Aizawl are Christians and hence the whole town will be in festive mood in Christmas week.

Christmas is a three-day celebration in Mizoram. The celebration starts on 24th December. Every household gets ready for the “big-day”. Churches across the state have mass prayers. Celebrations are held through-out the month of December. Feasts are conducted in almost all the churches and the hospitality of the Mizo people is best experienced during Christmas. Enjoy carol singing, Mizo cuisine and just relax. On par with Goa, Mizoram is one of the best states to experience Christmas in India.

4 Shillong

Christmas in India

Police Bazar in Shillong

If Aizawl is little sophisticated, Shillong is raw! Look for local bands performing through the chilly night in central Police bazar. One of the least visited places during winter, Shillong in North Eastern India can offer a Christmas experience like no other.

A sizeable amount of Christian population here ensures pompous celebrations. The streets, houses and churches are beautifully decorated with colourful lights. Try staying with a local family in a homestay and have meals with them if you are looking to experience the traditional cuisine prepared during this time.

5 Kochi

Christmas in India

A Tree decorated for Christmas in Kochi

Fort Kochi is the place to be if you want to experience Christmas in Kerala. The region of Travancore is hub of Christianity in Kerala but Fort Kochi is the place. Apart from the usual festivities what distinguishes Kochi from others is Cochin Celebration and Carnival. This is a merry-making feast observed to welcome New year during the last week of December every year at Fort Kochi.The entire Fort Kochi is decked in white festooned like a bride.There are many art forms along the carnival route which starts from the Veli Ground and concludes at the Parade Ground.

The origin is traced to Portuguese New Year revelry here during the colonial days. The highlight of the carnival is the massive procession on the New Year’s Day. There are the sounds of Panchavadyam and music throughout the city. Embellished elephants lead the procession. Musicians, folk dancers and various artists gather here from across the country for the music, dance concerts and plays.

Cochin Carnival is a visual delight not to be missed.

These are our picks. Of course, we always have bigger cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai where Christmas is celebrated with pomp. Make sure you join the festivities wherever you are to experience the Yuletide spirit!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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