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This thought came to me as i was driving back home after another day in the office. As i climbed Agara flyover in Bangalore, i saw the sun setting in the horizon. It was brilliant Orange, red, crimson …..all put together. It was a spectacle for few seconds as i descended the ramp and went about maneuvering the potholes on the road. Waiting for the signal to turn green at notorious silk board junction, nostalgia stuck me. It was a lovely sunset indeed. What about a sundowner?

We have had some of the memorable sundowners experience during our travel. Of course, Goa comes first. Can anyone deny that most pleasurable activity in Goa is to sit on those beach chairs in a shack and sip bubbly as the sun goes down slowly in the horizon? A lovely place to have a sundowner is the beach restaurant in Hyatt. It is dot on the beach which is not crowded.

Our other favourite sundowner experience was on the deck at Fateh Prakash Palace hotel in Udaipur. Aptly named as “The Sunset Terrace”, this restaurant must be one of the most romantic places. The setting is the king here. The backdrop of the lit up palace as the sun goes down adds to the beauty of the evening. Then you have the lake in front reflecting the colours of the setting sun. Stewards with colourful head gear are always ready to serve you the sundowner. Classical music in the background.

Oh Boy,what else to ask for!! It was one of the best “sundowner experience” for us.

The Deck at “The Sunset terrace “with beautifully lit palace as the backdrop
Sunset as seen from the restaurant. Notice the lake palace in the middle of the lake.
Next time around, begin your Night with a Sundowner by the lake…… 

One of the best ways to enjoy the sunset is to sip a sundowner by the lake when on a holiday in Udaipur as the sun goes down behind Aravalis……

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