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Nubra Valley, Ladakh | Stunningly Beautiful!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:29 pm

Nubra Valley in Ladakh is just stunning. We will tell you why!
After a fascinating drive to the White lake or Tso Kar on the previous day ( Please click on this link to read about it here Ladakh Diaries 8 – Tso Kar, “The White Lake” @ 15,000 feet) we were ready to leave for Khardung La and beyond – To Nubra valley.
The drives in Ladakh are the spellbinding part of travel to this magnificent region. Every drive is special. Every drive has something special. Every time you drive in Ladakh you will will end up with some surprises. This was true during this drive as well.
Nowang, our friendly driver was ready at the Army officers’ mess in Nimmu at 7.30 AM. An early fauji breakfast of Poori and Alu Baji with Egg bujia made us ready for the long drive.
The sun was up and bright. The sky was clear too with few clouds. Driving along Indus river, we crossed Leh town and turned towards Khardungla. This was our second drive to the highest motorable pass in the world. First thing which surprised us was the lovely tarmac compared to the one we drove on four years ago. Except for a small patch after South Pullu, the road was fantastic. The harsh summer of Ladakh in August meant that there would not be much snow along the way. Still the vistas were lovely. Hop in and let us drive along…………… (please click on the pictures to see them in original size)
Nubra Valley
Shanti Stupa glowing in morning sun light as we climb…
Nubra Valley
A monastery perched on top of a hillock
Nubra Valley
The lovely newly laid winding road to Khardungla
Nubra Valley
A Panoramic view of the valley blow as we start our climb
Nubra Valley
The view of the Stok Kangri range of Ladakh. Notice lack of snow on the mountains.
Nubra Valley
First view of a small glacier.

The winding road brought us to KT or Khardungla Top as it is known locally. We were in for a disappointment. There wasn’t any snow whatsoever. Our memories went back four years ago when the pass was full of snow. Still the ecstasy of standing on the highest motorable pass of the world was worth all the trouble of driving up 6000 feet in 2 hours. The saving grace were the few snow covered peaks around the pass providing a lovely backdrop.

Tricolour flying high on the summit
Few snow covered peaks around Khardung La Top …..
Savouring black tea at K Top. Notice absence of snow around the place. But it was chilly and windy though.
A quick cup of black chai in the small shop run by Ladakh Scouts, we were back on the road. We had not been to Nubra during our last trip to Ladakh. Naturally we were excited. As we descended, the first few KMs from Khardungla Top was narrow and under construction. Once we crossed this stretch, it was a bliss of a drive! The road was awesome. The sights were spectacular. We seems to have started where we had left on the previous day. The undulating valleys were surrounded by lofty mountain peaks. Tiny hamlets along the way were conspicuous of their green fields contrasting with surrounding brown landscape. Deep gorges and ravines weathered down by winds. Shyok river flowing gently……..We are now in stunning Nubra valley!


Nubra Valley
Stunning earth formations on the way to Hunder
The ravines were spectacular too…..
Nubra Valley
Then the stunning colours……
And some natural wonders!!!
Nubra Valley
Then there were Yaks feeding n wild grass
Monotony of brown disturbed by lovely green……
The valley view only got better as we drove on……
The vastness was mind blowing…..
Nubra Valley
The formations are stunning…..
Nubra Valley
—–with snow caped peaks peeping out like an icing on the cake!
Nubra Valley
Then we also saw these mud fortresses!!
Nubra Valley
A small little lake with the statue of Buddha in the middle
Nubra Valley
Small villages with stunning views…
Nubra Valley
And quiet flows Shyok…..
Nubra Valley
We now turn right from the highway towards Diskit and Hunder. The landscape dramatically changes and how!
Nubra Valley
First sight of Diskit Monastery
Nubra Valley
…….and first sight of Avalokiteshwara….
How was the drive? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
It was breathtakingly beautiful. We loved every minute of it. We reached Diskit Monastery, one of the largest in Ladakh. A visit to the monastery, exploring the sands of Hunder and customary ride on Bactrian camel was next on the agenda.
Travel Tips
a) The road from Leh to Nubra valley is in good condition except for few KMs before Khardungla Top and immediately when you start descending from it.
b) Good roads has its own drawback. We saw dangerously rash driving by the cab drivers. Make sure you tell your driver in uncertain terms to drive safe.
c) If you leave Leh in the morning, you can comfortably reach Hunder by evening after visiting Diskit monastery. You can have lunch in Khalsar. We tried Tukpa, the Tibetan noodle soup in one of the restaurant and it was tasty.
d) Make sure you stop and savour the magnificent vistas on the way.
e) We were in august and it was hot and there was no snow in Khardung La Top.  A week later weather changed and people were stuck in blizzard! The weather in mountains is always unpredictable. Be prepared for it.
f) Don’t stay for more than 15 minutes in Khardung La Top. Do not over exert yourself by running etc.
g) Ladakh scout has a nice store for memorabilia. Pick out something for the keepsake.

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