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Leh Ladakh from Sky | Mesmerising Mountainscape!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:49 pm

Leh Ladakh from Sky. This is the title of of this post. Are you wondering why? Our week long adventure in Leh Ladakh was coming to an end. What started of as a round trip from Manali to Srinagar with stopover at Leh had to be curtailed at Leh due to security situation in Srinagar. We missed another fabulous drive from Leh to Srinagar via Kargil. We should do that during our next trip to Ladakh.
We had booked our flight to Delhi from Leh since we dropped the idea of driving to Srinagar. The flights from Leh to Delhi are all in the morning. Knowing the fickle weather conditions in mountains, we were keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for good weather and smooth take off.
Our departure was at 7 AM which meant getting up early and reaching the airport by 5.30 AM. We settled dues with Ladakh Safari, our tour operator on the previous day and bid good bye to Deleks Namgyal who had arranged everything for us flawlessly. Zigmet, the driver was ready with the car at 5 AM with the good news that weather was good and flight will take off in time.
It was still dark when we reached Leh airport. Located in Military area, it is a small airport which is used by both civilian and military aircraft. All flights to Leh are from Delhi and they arrive in the morning and return back. The airport shuts down for civilian aircraft after 10 AM unless there is a delay due to weather.
We sit there in the lounge reminiscing the good times we had in this fabulous mountain country of Leh Ladakh. The landscape, the people, the culture, the drives, the food, shopping………everything was fantastic. The memories of this trip will remain with us forever and we will definitely come back some time again.
We board the flight and settle down as the flight take off. Now the most surprising part or the grand finale of the trip was to happen as we look out of the window. We see fabulous scenes of Ladakh Himalayas, Indus river as the plane slowly attain the height. We are lucky that we got the seats on the correct side to watch beautiful snow clad mountains in morning light.

Here are the pictures we shot from the plane of Leh Ladakh from sky in 2010 with our Sony aim & shoot camera………… Please click on the pictures to see them in original size.

Sight of Leh cantonment as we started climbing with Indus river……..
The rugged mountains of Ladakh ranges…..
First glimpse of snow clad peaks…..
We are now above the cloudline…….but could see peaks above the clouds!
The rugged valleys, clouds, peaks……doesn’t it male a lovely sight?
We loved this sight. Balls of clouds over the mountains. Resembles parachutes hovering over the mountains!
The last pic before we started flying over Punjab…..
We were lucky to fly back from Leh to Delhi on our way to Bangalore again in 2014 after trekking in Markha valley on Leh Ladakh region. This time we had a Nikon DSLR with zoom lens. Take a look at these sights………

We reach Delhi after an hour’s flight from Leh and reached Bangalore in the afternoon.

Travel tips

  1. Make sure you have a window seat while booking your ticket. If you are travelling in a group or partner, make sure you have different window seats.
  2. Keep your camera ready to click as soon as the flight take off.
  3. Keep your binoculars ready to see the mountains at distance.

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