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On top of Sakleshpur meadows!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:57 pm

Sakleshpur meadows are special. Especially during Monsoon and aftermath of it. We had encouraged you all to go for a monsoon drive by giving a detailed itinerary when we wrote Monsoon Road trips from Bangalore 1 – Meadows and backwaters of Sakleshpur

It was one of those lazy Sundays.

We decided to try our camping skills! We had a small tent which had not been used for some time. Brinda suggested why don’t we look for some Sakleshpur meadows and pitch our tent on top of it!

Why not? That was a good trigger to start with. We packed our car with a tent, a bicycle and camp chairs and went for a drive to Sakleshpur.

We did not want to go the meadow in front of Eka resort. No doubt it is lovely but it sometimes get crowded as it is dot on the highway. As we started scouting for a good spot, we stopped at a road side tea shop and asked the locals if they could suggest any nice meadows nearby.

They told us to drive ahead for few kilometres and then turn right for another three kilometres to a beautiful meadow. We did. This is what we saw! Please click on pictures to see them in larger size.

The jeep track as we enter the meadows….

Sakleshpur meadows

We were the only ones in the vast land of greenery. Miles and miles. The meadows stretched over small hillocks. It was windy and cloudy. We chose a vantage point taking into account the wind direction. Poorna wanted to test his skills….

Sakleshpur meadows

And we were able to set it up quickly. The modern tents are so easy to pitch! It looked very cosy and comfy! All set….

Sakleshpur meadows

The views around the tent was to die for. It was too good to believe. It looked as if we were in some part of Europe. Green and lovely. Please take a look at next set of pictures…

Sakleshpur meadows

Sakleshpur meadows

This pan shot will give you an idea as to how beautiful the place was….

Sakleshpur meadows

Time to go for a ride. It was pure bliss.


The clouds enveloped us. It started drizzling. We took this picture before winding up…..



It started raining and became very windy. We hurriedly brought the tent down, rolled it up and left the place before started pouring.

It was a Sunday well spent. With rainy season coming to an end, it is time to go in search more Sakleshpur meadows for camping! Believe us, it is fun!

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