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Spectacular Srinagar Tulip Garden you must see in 2024 | A Complete Guide!

Last updated on March 24th, 2024 at 04:20 pm

Srinagar tulip garden is likely to open on 19 March 2024 for visitors. The Tulip Garden in Srinagar is a mesmerising sight! Spring in Srinagar gets lit up by these lovely tulips in bloom! Plan a trip to most beautiful sight in India!

The opening date of Srinagar Tulip Garden for 2024 is likely to be 19 March 2024. The closing date is  30 April 2024. This period is also called as “ Kashmir Tulip Garden Festival” Plan to visit and get mesmerised by its beauty.

The best time to visit the Tulip Garden in Srinagar is during the month of April preferably in the first week. This is when the tulips are in full bloom and the annual Tulip Festival is held

This Year some more varieties of Tulips have been added and more land has been added to accommodate 15 Lakh tulip flowers for the Year 2024.

We will show you why you should not miss visiting the Srinagar tulip garden in 2024! We will also tell you some tips you don’t find elsewhere!

Here is the video of the Srinagar Tulip Garden for 2024!  Please go ahead and go through the lovely pics below!! See this latest video of the tulip festival – https://ishare.rediff.com/video/others/blooming-beauty-asia-s-largest-tulip-garden-opens-its-gates-to-tourists/11279033

Visiting the Srinagar tulip garden or the Kashmir Tulip Festival was always on our bucket list.

Somehow, we were not able to plan the trip to coincide with the blooming time. Last year, we decided to go. A holiday for the office on a Friday helped. We took another day off and went to see the lovely garden.

Our flight from Bangalore touched Srinagar airport around the afternoon. As the flight took off from Delhi, the excitement mounted. The last thirty minutes of the flight before landing in Srinagar are a pleasure. Provided the weather holds good and is not cloudy.

We were lucky this time. The weather was clear. The mountains became visible half an hour before the scheduled arrival. We could see some mighty snow-covered peaks. Some of them were covered partially in cloud. The view of the mountains from the sky was spectacular as we came closer to Srinagar. We did post a story on it on this blog Srinagar from the Sky

Mushtaq was there to take care of us at the airport. We were with him when he drove us around when we went in August 2014 for the Markha Valley trek in Ladakh. An amiable gentleman took us straight to our regular adda in front of the tourism centre for a cup of Kashmiri Chai. After sipping the chai with buttered buns we went straight to the hotel, freshened up and left for seeing Srinagar tulip garden.

We were all excited to see the garden. But Mushtaq had another plan. He said he would show us some spectacular scenes of the garden before we reached it. We started driving towards Taj Vivanta which is on a small hillock. As we started climbing and came halfway, Mushtaq stopped the Scorpio and asked us to get down. He then asked us to look down the hill towards Dal Lake.

What we saw was stunning indeed! Srinagar Tulip Garden is a sight to behold. Check it out here!

Please click on the pictures to see them in larger sizes.

Srinagar tulip garden

Srinagar tulip garden as seen from the vantage point on the way to Taj Vivanta. This sight is something you should not miss!!

Srinagar tulip garden

Srinagar tulip garden

Srinagar tulip garden

“Saab, this is the Srinagar tulip garden you are going to see,” said Mushtaq.

We could not believe our eyes. We asked them to take us fast to the garden. We couldn’t wait anymore. Mushtaq brought us down and took us behind Chashm-e-shahi garden. There was a small crowd. The weather was cloudy and we did not want it to rain. It was chilly and good that we both were wearing a pullover.

We took tickets costing Rs 50 per head and entered. We don’t want to write about what we saw. It is not possible to describe the beautiful landscape. It was sheer bliss.

Let the pictures tell the story of Srinagar Tulip Garden! Please click on the pictures to see them in larger sizes.
Srinagar tulip garden

In the foreground are the Himalayan ranges. Unfortunately, the summer was slightly harsher in Srinagar which had resulted in melting of all snow on mountains.

Srinagar tulip garden

The palace you find in the middle of the hills – Hari Mahal – belongs to the royal family of Kashmir.

Srinagar tulip garden

A Pan shot……

Srinagar tulip garden

Rows and rows of tulips!!!

Srinagar tulip garden

A close-up shot….

DSC_0099 (1)

DSC_0105 (1)

Srinagar tulip garden

This was a fascinating spot. A Chinar tree providing a lovely contrast to the colours…..

Srinagar tulip garden

White, Orange, Violet and Yellows….

Srinagar tulip garden

These blue lavender was the pick of them all. They were just flowering.

Srinagar tulip garden

And this willow tree in the middle of the blooms…..

Srinagar Tulip Garden

Never-ending rows of blooms!!



Srinagar Tulip Garden

Can you ever get a better place to get snapped!!

Srinagar Tulip garden

In a far corner, we found a row of cherry trees in full bloom. This was an added bonus!

Srinagar Tulip Garden

Some macro shots……




Srinagar Tulip Garden

There is a lovely lake next to the garden with boating facility.


We were awestruck at the beauty and were mesmerised by the riot of colours in Srinagar Tulip Garden. Do Plan to go there. You will never regret it.

Travel Tips

a) It is better to go a week after the park opens when the crowd will be less and maximum tulips will be in bloom.

b) The flowers will be at their best for a month. Make sure you plan your travel accordingly.

c) The opening time of Tulip Garden Srinagar is 9 AM and it will be open till 7 PM. There is a small entry fee.

c) For other information on Srinagar, you can check out this link on this blog – Srinagar

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  • Hi Poorna n Brinda, this is wrt your travel blog on tulip gardens in srinagar.. Beautifully captured I would say. Since we are planned to travel the same in first week of April with our senior citizen parents and you have appreciated the driver Mushtaq, I would request if you can share the cab n driver details as we are looking for a accomodating and cooperative driver for the convenience of senior citizens

  • Hi Poorna and Brinda,

    Thank you very much for the blog which captures your experience. Could you pls share the contact of Mushtaq and the agency through which u planned the trip/itinerary. We plan to visit during sec April.

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