Goodbye and Welcome Travel Titbits

Bye to “Journeys 2 Remember” & welcome to “Travel Twosome”

Written by Poorna & Brinda
The time has finally come to bid good bye to blogspot. It has been three years since we started sharing our experiences and it has been an amazing journey so far. 
We realised that it will help us to move into our own domain. We started looking for the domain name and finally settled for “Travel Twosome” as “Journeys2remember” was not available. We travel together and this name was apt.
The efforts of last few months have paid off and we feel that we have a good website to work on….

Here is how the new website looks……..

We have made the website “Photogenic”:-) ………and more reader friendly.

We stop posting in “Journeys2Remember”and all future sharing of our experience will be in “Travel Twosome”.

We thank you all for supported all these days and we expect the same patronage as we move in the new direction and continue journeying with us……..



About the author

Poorna & Brinda

We are Brinda and Poorna from Bengaluru, the “Silicon city” or “Garden city” of India.

We travel together. We caught the travel bug 20 years back. On our honey moon, we traveled over the sea, in the train, by bus and in an aircraft! Our adventures probably started in that year. It continues, ever since.

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