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Mekedatu Riverside Picnic | Your One Day Trip Guide from Bangalore!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Mekedatu (pronounced maykaydhaatu) means “Goat’s leap” in Kannada. This is a lovely day picnic. A beautiful drive. Lovely outdoors. A River. A lovely gorge and waterfalls. And on top of all that are some excellent places to eat! What else do you need?

Second in the series of One Day Trips from Bangalore – 20 Exciting options with Itinerary!, we present the lovely riverside picnic spot of Mekedatu, Chunchi Falls and much more.

The Circuit

Bengaluru – Chunchi Falls – Mekedatu – Pyramid Valley – Art of Living – Bengaluru

Google Map – Click this link

Distance – 200 KMs

The Plan

7.30 AM. – Leave home. Have breakfast on the way in MTR near Art of Living Ashram on the Kanakapura Road. If you are an early bird, you can get a chance to grab a bite of lovely idles and tastiest sambar!

10.45 AM – Arrive at Chunchi Falls via Kanakapura. This is a lovely waterfalls. Especially in monsoons. The rocks are sharp and slippery. The water at many places will be still in non monsoon times. Not worth taking a dip. Enjoy the falls from the distance. There is no shade in this place and one need to wear a good hat. After spending 30 minutes, depart for Mekedatu.

11.30 AM – Arrive at Mekedatu. Park your car at the parking place and move towards the river. Cross the shallow Arkavati and choose a nice shaded area near the river, spread the carpet and have a nice picnic. Get into the shallow water and enjoy. Beware not to enter deeper part of the river or near big rocks. No diving from the rocks. There are many unknown whirlpools in the river and many deaths have occurred when people have moved towards deeper parts. Make sure your feet is always on the ground.

Day trips from Bangalore Mekedatu

The Sangama – Confluence of Arkavathi and Kaveri rivers

1.30 PM – Lunch

2.30 PM – If you are not lazing around and entering water again you can walk to Mekedaatu. It is a 4 KM walk which can be easily done. If you find sun is scorching, take a nap under the tree or play some family games and go around 4 PM. If you are not game for a walk, then hop into the rickety bus which will take you to the spot.

4 PM – Walk to Mekedaatu. Get stunned by the gorge through which Cauvery flows. Again no stunts as rocks are sharp and people have lost balance and died. Please don’t get encouraged by pictures in Social media of people taking dangerous pictures in this spot.

Day trips from Bangalore Mekedatu

Mekedaatu – The gorge through which Kaveri flows (Photo Courtesy – Evgeniya Belich)

Don’t miss this lovely video of Mekedatu on YouTube (Courtesy – Vijeandran MP)  – On YouTube

5.30 PM – Return to Sangama. Pack up and drive back to Bengaluru. On the way you may visit lovely Pyramid Valley and Art Of living Ashram. Have an evening snack of tasty Masala Dosa and coffee in MTR and return home.

Day trips from Bangalore Mekedatu

Vishalakshi Mantapa – Art of Living Ashram (Photo Courtesy – Sushant Sadre)

Travel Tips

  1. There are no good restaurants in Mekedaatu. It is recommended to carry picnic lunch.
  2. The small shops are the place where you can pick up water bottles or fruit drinks.
  3. The river has dangerous whirlpools. Do not take any risk. We are repeating these warnings as we have read many instances of people drowning in the river.
  4. This place can also be a nice weekend break. If you are planning to stay, then Jungle lodges have a nice place near the river at Galibore.
  5. The timings given here are indicative. The road conditions may change due to various factors. It will be good to join a road trip enthusiasts’ FB group HVK Forum managed by H V Kumar, the doyen of road trip in India. You can get the latest updates on the road conditions in this very active group.We strongly suggest that you download customised RoutO app from H V Kumar. HVK as he is fondly called, provides you customised route maps, live support on the road trip and will also help you with hotel accommodation as well. Check out all details here.

    RoutO – The Right Route & Travel Support For The Motorist Traveller

  6. It will be hot during summers. Make sure you carry sun screen lotion and good hat.
  7. If you are adventurous, you can trek along the river after Mekedatu. One has to be careful as this is a forest area frequented by elephants.

Have you been to these places? What has been your experience? Please do share with us.

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