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Savandurga & Tirumale | Your One Day Trip Guide from Bangalore!

Savandurga is the largest monolith in Asia. This day trip will help you explore it along with two ancient temples.

First in the series of 26 One Day Trips from Bangalore, we present the lovely monolith of Savandurga along with the beautiful temples of Lord Venkatesha in Tirumale on the outskirts of Magadi and Lord Someshwara in Magadi town.

The Circuit

Bengaluru – Thippagondanahalli (T G Halli) reservoir – Thirumale – Magadi – Savandurga – Ramanagaram – Bengaluru

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Distance – 151 KMs

Latest update – The Bangalore – Magadi road is being widened and there are many diversions and traffic is heavy.

The Plan

7.30 AM. – Leave home. Have breakfast on the way to any of the restaurants. For those of you who are not staying close to Magadi Road, hitting NICE road and exiting at Magadi Road is a good option. The drive to Magadi has some lovely vistas especially after rains.

9 AM – Arrive at Thippagondanahalli Reservoir. To enter the reservoir, you need to get pass from BWSSB Head office. Built across the Arkavati River, it is one of the oldest in the state. The large expanse of water flanked by rolling hills makes it a nice place to enjoy. Depart and for the next few KMs enjoy the Arkavati Valley and its undulating roads.


Submerged temple in Tippagondanahalli (T G Halli) reservoir

10 AM – Arrive at Thirumale temple on the outskirts of Magadi. Legend has it that the Thirumale temple was consecrated by Mandavya Maharshi. Enjoy the ambience of festivity, beautiful sculpture of Lord Venkatesha/Balaji, pray to naturally formed Lord Ranganathaswamy . After visiting the temple proceed to Someshwavara temple close by. Noted for its Vijayanagar style of architecture.


The temple tower, Ranganathaswamy Temple, Thirumale


Yali pillars in Someshwara temple

11.30 AM – The drive from Thirumale to Savandurga is pleasant. An excellent road and you will soon be driving through Savandurga reserved forest. You will find a lovely lake at the foothills with beautiful lotuses blooming. Stop over for some a nice photo opportunity.


The beautiful lake before you turn off the highway towards the hill. Notice Savandurga in the background.

12.15 PM – Arrive at Savandurga. Park your car at foothills and walk up the hill on the trek route. Follow the electric poles and yellow marks. Be careful of steep climb. It will be slippery during rainy season.

It is 2 KM uphill trek to summit. You can also take help of locals who act as guides for a small fee. Reach the summit and exult “wow” looking at the landscape around this huge monolith. If you are the adventurous type, you can do rock climbing only if you are well-trained.

Savandurga is one of the best places in South India for rock climbing. If you are not doing it, then enjoy the environment. Come down from the hill slowly. Find a nice place under a tree to refresh yourself. Don’t worry if you can not do the trek. You can still enjoy this lovely place. Visit the two temples of Virabhadraswamy and Narasimha at the foothills.


These rocky outcrops amidst lush greenery stuns as you drive to the foot hills.


Climbing the monolith (Photo Courtesy – Sudar Muthu)


View from the summit – Mancahana Bele Reservoir in the foreground (Photo Courtesy – Sudar Muthu)

Trek to Summit and back will take 3 hours. Plan it accordingly. No risk-taking here. You can read the dangers of taking risks in this report in Bengaluru Mirror.

1.30 PM – Drive out of Savandurga. Drive slow and enjoy the vistas. It is stunning to see the rock formations. Take pictures, stop and enjoy the clouds floating over them. This stretch of the road till Ramanagaram is the piece-de-resistance.


One of the rock formations on the way to Ramanagaram

2.30 PM – Arrive at Kamat Loka Ruchi or any other restaurant near Ramanagaram for lunch.

3.30 PM – Post lunch, walk into Janapada Loka or Folk museum next to Kamat Loka Ruchi for a walk around to explore the folk exhibits.

4.30 PM – Drive from Kamat Loka Ruchi back home.

Travel Tips

a) Nothing is available on the Savandurga hill. Carry enough water/eat.

b) There are no good restaurants at the foothills of Savandurga. Locals run a few eating joints but they are not great.

c) The shops at the junction of highway and road forking to foothills  is the place where you can pick up water bottles or fruit drinks.

d) You can do this circuit in reverse order if you don’t want to climb in the late morning. You can finish the climb and then proceed towards Magadi and Thirumale.

e) Savandurga is also an excellent place for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.

f) There is a nice terracotta workshop of Karnataka Handicrafts Corporation opposite Kamat Loka Ruchi. You may buy some nice terracotta items here.

g) The timings given here are indicative. The road conditions may change due to various factors. It will be good to join a road trip enthusiasts’ FB group HVK Forum managed by H V Kumar, the doyen of road trips in India. You can get the latest updates on the road conditions in this very active group.

We strongly suggest that you download customised RoutO app from H V Kumar. HVK as he is fondly called, provides you with customised route maps, and live support on the road trip and will also help you with hotel accommodation as well. Check out all the details here.

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Have you been to these places? What has been your experience? Please do share with us.

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