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Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur | A Complete Guide for You!

Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur

Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur near Bangalore is the new centre of Isha Foundation in Bangalore. The place is at a distance of 50 KMs from Bangalore and close to Bangalore Airport.

Here is The complete guide to visiting the Isha Centre and Adiyogi at Bangalore.

Let us start.

Location – Avalagurki village, Chikkaballapur. See the Google map link – https://goo.gl/maps/TGALcWe9ASL2DnVR7

Distance of Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur from Bangalore – 70 KMs. Please see the Google Map link – https://goo.gl/maps/8XjY7fB2fvaiw5H69 It is 43 Kms from Bangalore Airport. It is 11 KMs from Chikkaballapur town.

Road condition – Excellent

Best days to goAny Weekday. Please avoid weekends which see a huge rush resulting in traffic jams. Avoid weekends if you want a peaceful trip!

Best time to go – Early mornings are the best time to go. However, if you want to see the laser show then it is good to go there in the evening. Be there around 5 PM. After exploring the place stay back for the laser show.

Weather Alert – The rainy season ahs started. Carry umbrella and rain capes.

Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur timings – 6 AM to 8 PM

Total time needed for the trip – Five hours from Bangalore city centre in normal traffic. Three hours from the Airport.

What to see – Nagamantapa, Yogeshwra Linga shrine, Adiyogi statue and Laser show.

Laser Show timings in Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur– 7 PM to 7.15 PM on all days

Cameras – Allowed as of now. Going by the policy of the Isha Foundation as in vogue in their Coimbatore centre, one has to deposit cameras and mobile phones once the place is fully complete.

Eating places – There is a nice restaurant at the centre serving snacks as of now.

Restrooms – Yes. Available.

Parking space – Available. Parking fee Rs 50.

Places to stay – None.

Is it disabled-friendly – As of now, No.

Here are a few snapshots of the place.

Entrance Arch at turning on Highway
Isha Chikkaballapur
First view of Adiyogi Bangalore!!!
Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur
Naga Mantapa – Naga Devata front side
Isha Chikkaballapur
Closeup shot!
Isha foundation Chikkaballapur
Yogeshwara Linga
isha chikkaballapur
Adiyogi lit up during the Laser Show!
  1. Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur is open to the public from 6 AM to 8 PM. The best time to go is early morning when the crowd is less.
  2. The place is under construction and it will take another year at least for it to get completed fully.
  3. The place is located in a lovely natural setting in a bowl surrounded by hills.
  4. The Adiyogi statue at Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur looks lovely with a backdrop of hills.
  5. No public transport is available as of now to Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur. One can use Govt buses plying from the KSRTC bus stand in the Majestic area. Get down at Chikkaballapur and then take an auto-rickshaw. One can also take a train from Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station.
  6. At present, the centre is under construction. There is no cover. Wear Good Walking Shoes. Carry a good hat. It will be hot in the afternoons, especially in summer.
  7. The place is not elderly/physically challenged-friendly at present. Elders have to stay at Naga Mantapa.
  8. One can offer flowers at Naga Mantapa for a small donation. One can also offer other pujas under the Adiyogi statue.
  9. The centre has a good restaurant providing vegetarian snacks.
  10. Check out the special offer on Sadhguru’s books set on Amazon 👇

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the entry fee for Isha Foundation Bangalore? – There is no entry fee for Isha Foundation Bangalore
  2. Where is Isha Foundation located in Karnataka? – Isha Foundation is located in the village of Avalagurki near Chikkaballapur at a distance of 50 KMs from Bangalore.
  3. Does Isha provide free food? – No. However, there is a restaurant in the ashram.
  4. Can we visit Isha without booking? – Yes. On a few special occasions like Maha Shivaratri, one has to register on their website. Registration is free. Please check their website for details
  5. What is the dress code for Isha Centre? – There is no dress code as such. However being a spiritual place, visitors are expected to dress decently.
  6. What are the timings of the Adiyogi laser show? – The timings are from 7 PM to 7.15 PM.
  7. Where is Adiyogi Bangalore located? – Adiyogi Bangalore is at Sadhguru Sannidhi, Isha Chikkaballapur


Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur is a nice place to visit. It is still under construction and we are sure once complete, it will be as good as the one in Coimbatore.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comprehensive guide on the Isha Foundation in Chikkaballapur. Your detailed insights into the various aspects of the foundation, from the serene landscapes to the spiritual experiences, provide a valuable resource for anyone planning a visit.
    Your vivid descriptions and stunning photographs create a virtual journey, making the reader feel immersed in the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings. The inclusion of practical tips and personal anecdotes adds a genuine touch, making the guide both informative and relatable.
    Your commitment to showcasing not just the tourist attractions but also the cultural and spiritual significance of the place is commendable. Thanks for sharing this gem of a destination, and I look forward to more enriching guides from Travel Twosome!

  • So much helpful information—thank you!
    Any advice or recommendations for reliable taxi companies/private car transport from Bengalore (instead of train or bus)? Or alternately, any suggestions on companies that organize ‘day trips’.
    Many thanks again!

  • are buses available after the laser show? how can we reach chikkballapur after the laser show if we came there by bus?

    • I am not sure about buses from Isha. There will be autorickshaws to take you back to Chikkaballapur bus stand from where you will get a bus every half hour to Bangalore

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