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Bettamugilalam & Panchapalli Dam | One Day Trip Guide from Bangalore!

Bettamugilalam and Panchapalli dam.

Have you heard of these places? You would not have unless you are a hard-core biker! These two places are lovely getaways if you love driving in the countryside and through some lovely forests. We will tell you why……..

This series of one day trips from Bangalore provide you an opportunity to spend a day visiting places near Bangalore. We encourage you to explore the rich landscape, heritage and beautiful spots surrounding Bangalore through this series.

“One Day trip from Bangalore 20 ” is the twentieth in this series. If you are looking for places to visit from Bangalore within 150 kilometres or if you are looking for a comfortable one day trip from Bangalore, please take a look at this post on this blog.

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Bettamugilalam – Place where hill and clouds meet – is a quiet hamlet at 3000 feet above sea level near Hosur. Amidst forest and part of North Cauvery wild life sanctuary, the woods are lovely. Lovely water holes and curvy roads make this place a good outing. If lucky, you may see elephants and other wildlife in these water holes. Then you have a quiet reservoir at Panchapalli. Panchapalli dam. The hills and backwaters make his quiet and serene place. Lovely roads make this a good one day trip from Bangalore!

Now is the perfect time to visit as it has rained well and waterfalls and lakes are lovely and so is the countryside!!

The Circuit

Bangalore – Hosur – Denkanikottai – Bettamugilalam – Panchapalli dam – Denkanikottai – Bangalore

Total Distance –  206 KMs

Road Condition – Very good

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The Itinerary

7 AM – Depart from Bangalore. Hit Bangalore – Salem road or NH 7. If you are near NICE road, enter NICE road and exit at Hosur road. If not, reach Silk Board junction and take the elevated highway and continue on Hosur road.

8 AM – You can either have breakfast in Hosur or drive to Denkanikottai – another 45 minutes drive – and have breakfast at Saravana Bhavan there.

8.45 AM – Leave for Denkanikottai after finishing breakfast at Hosur. A nice drive of 45 minutes will take you to the town.

9.30 AM – Leave Denkanikottai to Bettamugilalam. The drive from Denkanikottai to Bettamugilalam is a charming drive through the forests. On the way you will also see marigold fields during season.

The drive through Bamboo trees…..(Please click on the pictures to see them in larger size)

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

10 AM – At Aiyur forest check post, enter details and drive for another 3 KMs to “Semieri” lake which is on the roadside.. This is a lovely lake covered by bamboo forests on all sides. A major water hole for elephants and other wild life, you may be lucky to spot them if you go early. Spend 30 minutes here and enjoy the serene surroundings.

The serene Semieri lake………

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

If you are lucky you may see these scenes!!! (Courtesy – Durai Murugan)

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

The Pan shot of the lake….. (Courtesy – Karthik Prabhu)

10.45 AM – Leave for Bettamugilalam. The drive is through the forest. Enjoy the ride on a curvy road and climb to the cool environs of Bettamugilalam. A small hamlet surrounded by forest, it is a refreshing place. You can feel the cool breeze because of its height. There is nothing much to see in this tribal village. Just spend sometime and then head to Panchapalli dam.

11.45 AM – Depart for Panchapalli dam. A drive for 30 minutes will take you to the lovely dam. Built amidst small hills, it looks very pretty. Unfortunately there is no boating. Just walk around the backwaters and spend sometime in the serene place. Very close to the dam is Panchapalli falls which is worth visiting only during or immediately after monsoon.

A panoramic view of the reservoir from a height…..

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

Fishermen at their job! Notice the high hills in the background!

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

1 PM – Depart for Denkanikottai. A drive for 30 minutes will bring you back to the town. On the way don’t miss to see a curious temple for village diety of with cops as divine guards!

1.30 PM – Head straight to Saravana Bhavan, the only decent place in town for lunch. If you want better choice then drive to Hosur and have lunch there.

2.30 PM – If you are religious or heritage buff, you can visit Betrayaswamy temple built by Hoysalas and the cave temple of Gavi Lakshminarasimhaswamy which is in close vicinity. Don’t miss lovely dargah of Yarab Saab who is worshipped by all faiths.

Betrayaswamy temple with holy pond in the foreground.

The Yarab Saab Dargah. Notice the lovely islamic architecture!

Panchapalli & Bettamugilalam

4 PM – Depart for Bangalore.

For returning to Bangalore you have many options

  • If you are driving via Hosur retracing the route you took to come, you can break for a cup of coffee at Adyar Anand Bhavan at Hosur.
  • If you are staying in South Bangalore, it will be good to go via Thalli – Anekal – Bannerghatta – Bangalore. One can visit the lovely temple of Lord Venugopalaswamy at Thali on the way. You can have evening snacks in MTR near Art of Living Ashram on Bannerghatta road.
  • If you have time and don’t mind stretching a bit then you can take a detour from Thalli to Dodda Maralawadi and then join Kanakapura road at Harohalli. On the way you can see Maralawadi Dam and Aanemada Ukkada Falls. You can have evening snacks in MTR near Art of Living Ashram on Bannerghatta road.

The cascade of Aanemada Ukkada falls

The Maralawadi Dam (Courtesy – Gurudatt KR)

  • If you are a bit adventurous and have time then you should try Denkanikottai – Anchetty – Dodda Maralawadi – Harohalli – Bangalore. The road goes through forest and one gets a chance to see Anchetty falls (also known as Metre Falls), Benki Falls, Aaanemada Ukkadi Falls and Maralawadi Dam which are lovely during and after monsoon. You can have evening snacks in MTR near Art of Living Ashram on Bannerghatta road.

The Anchetty or Metre Falls…..

Benki Falls

7 PM – Reach home depending upon the route you take.

Travel Tips

  1. The timings are indicative and are for travelling in a car or bike.
  2. This is purely a road trip with an opportunity to see lovely forests and water bodies.
  3. There is no tourist infrastructure in Panchapalli or Bettamugilalam. Please don’t expect things which will entertain children.
  4. The only option to stay is in the Denkanikottai forest guest house. This is basic and not suitable for families.
  5. You will always find some eating places in the villages between Denkanikottai and Panchapalli dam. But they are very basic. Good thing to do will be to pack the stuff and eat on the road under a lovely tree! The only decent restaurant is Saravana Bhavan in Denkanikottai.
  6. The best season to go Panchapalli dam and Bettamugilalam is obviously immediately after monsoon when the forests are lovely and water bodies are a joy.
  7. Daytime will be hot. Wear a good hat. Please carry enough water with you.
  8. Carry a good binocular. You may be lucky to spot some animals.
  9. Dont venture to swim in the backwaters of the dam. It is dangerous. While one can play in water in waterfalls in winters, it is better to avoid it during monsoon as rocks will be slippery.
  10. Wildlife enthusiasts can liaise with forest authorities in Denkanikottai for venturing into forests with guides.
  11. No camping is advised near Semieri lake or in any forest area as this is elephant country.
  12. One can stay in Hosur overnight and make it a weekend trip clubbing another one day trip in this series.
What has been your experience of visiting Bettamugilalam and Panchapalli dam? We would like to hear from you. Please share it in the comments below.

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