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Gudibande Fort & Jakkalamadugu Dam | One Day Trip Guide

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Gudibande is famous for its hill fort and a temple for Lord Shiva. This one day trip from Bangalore helps you to explore the Gudibande fort and a small & lovely dam at Jakkalamadugu.

Gudibande is a small village in Karnataka close to Andhra Pradesh Border. Incidentally, it happens to be the native place of Poorna!

This series of 26 one day trips from Bangalore provides you an opportunity to spend a day visiting places near Bangalore. We encourage you to explore the rich landscape, heritage and beautiful spots surrounding Bangalore.

This is the eighteenth in this series. If you are looking for places to visit from Bangalore within 150 kilometres or if you are looking for a comfortable one day trip from Bangalore, please take a look at this post on this blog.

One day trips from Bangalore – Exciting options with Itinerary

The Circuit

Bangalore – Gudibande – Chikkaballapur – Jakkalamadugu dam – Chikkaballapur – Bangalore

Total Distance  231 KMs

Road Condition Very good

Google Map

The Itinerary

7 AM – Depart from home. For those who are in North and East Bangalore, it is easy to hit Airport Road. For those of us staying in South Bangalore you have to either wade through the city or go via NICE road and exit at Tumkur Road. Take the first available U Turn and then turn left at Peenya junction and continue on Outer Ring Road till you reach Airport Road.

8 AM – You can have your breakfast in India Paratha Company or Nandi Upachar or The Green House or Nandagokula restaurant or Srinidhi Vaibhava   on the highway.

9 AM – Depart for Gudibande. Drive on the highway till Varlakonda and then turn left towards Gudibande. You will find prominent signage. Drive on the good road and follow the signage.

10 AM – Drive down on well-paved village roads flanked by lush fields to come upon the pristine Amani Byrasagara Lake, shaped like the map of India. Take a break in your journey to enjoy the sight of birds taking dips in the lake. Good rains have made this reservoir built by local chieftain Byregowda in 18th century full. Spend half an hour here.

Waters of Amani Byrasagra

10.30 AM – Drive to the foothills of the Gudibande fort. Park your vehicle and start climbing the stairs. Surasadmagiri, translating to the abode of gods in Kannada, and the fort on its summit is a nice place to explore. It promises a short trekking experience.

Begin your ascent through rugged stone steps of varied width and steepness. The way to the top is mainly through 500 odd steps, most of which are cemented on their surface.

The Gudibande fort, which is small compared to other forts in Karnataka, was inspired by the Madhugiri fortress. It is a multi-level edifice that was built about 400 years ago, in the 17th century, by Byre Gowda, a local chieftain of Gudibande who ruled the place for only three years.

The Shiva shrine at the top is believed to be one of the 108 Jyotirlingas that Rama established in various parts of India. The nandi sthambha in front of the shrine, which stands on a square base, has sculpted stone images of Nandi, Shanmukha and Shiva Linga.

Explore the multilayered fort which has temples, small ponds. The view from the top is worth all the trouble!

The fort hill as seen from the distance. It looks similar to Madhugiri fort.


Start of the steps….. (Picture Courtesy – )


Isn’t this interesting?


Lovely view from the top….. (Picture Courtesy – )

1.00 PM – Depart Gudibande. Break for lunch in the Kamat Upachar or the newly opened Swagath Delicacy. (see map for location)

1.30 PM – Lunch time

2.30 PM – Depart for Jakkalamadugu dam.

3.30 PM – Arrive at Jakkalamadugu dam. A small dam on Penneru river, this caters to the drinking water needs of Chikkaballapur. It is also called Srinivasa Sagara kere. The surroundings are lovely. The area has received good rains recently and the dam would be a nice place to visit.


A panoramic view of the dam.

If the dam is full, the overflowing water presents a lovely waterfall.

Check out this YouTube link –

4.15 PM – Return to Bangalore. Break for a cup of tea at any good restaurants like Nandi Upachar or others.

Travel Tips

  1. Gudibande fort and surroundings is a nice one day trip from Bangalore.
  2. If you are religious minded, then there are few temples around Gudibande you can visit.
  3. These timings are indicative and is by car/bike. If you are leaving late, then adjust your timings accordingly.
  4. Gudibande fort require climbing steps, though not tough. If you are travelling with elderly people who cannot climb, they may have to stay in the car which is definitely not welcome.
  5. Be careful while climbing in rainy season. Carry drinking water when you climb.
  6. Gudibande hill offer lovely views from the top.
  7. All these places are photographers’ paradise. Keep your cameras ready.
  8. Make sure you have a good hat. Carry a good binocular.
  9. Be safe. No risky selfies on the hill. No swimming in the dam.
  10. Sunset at Jakkalamadugu is a lovely experience.  If you can stay back, enjoy it
  11. Few extensions to the tour can be done as under depending upon time available
    1. Rangasthala near Chikkaballapur has a lovely Ranganatha Temple. Built during Vijayanagara period.

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