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Isha Foundation Bangalore & Nandi Hills | Complete One day trip guide!

Isha Yoga centre Bangalore

Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 01:16 pm

Isha Foundation Bangalore with Adi Yogi statue near Chikkaballapur is now open to the public. Though it is still under construction, you can visit the place and see the exquisite Adi Yogi statue, Yogishwara Linga shrine and Naga mantapa.

You can combine this place with perennial favourite Nandi Hills for a lovely one-day trip.

Here is a detailed one-day trip itinerary for visiting Isha Foundation Bangalore near Chikkaballlapur and Nandi Hills from Bangalore.

If you want to go only to Isha Foundation Bangalore, it will be a half-day trip from Bangalore. You can check this link for complete details – https://traveltwosome.com/isha-foundation-chikkaballapur-a-complete-guide/

Alternatively, you may do Isha in the first half and Nandi in the second half of the day.

We strongly recommend not planning this trip on the weekend / Public holiday due to heavy crowds and traffic jams, especially on the road from the highway leading to Isha Foundation Bangalore.

Another option is to leave leisurely around 12 PM. Have lunch in Nandi Upachar and visit Nandi Hills first. After Nandi Hills and Temple go to Isha around 5.30 PM explore the place and stay back for the lovely laser show which happens between 7.15 – 7.30 PM. Finish that and have dinner on the way and come back home.

You may also combine Isha Foundation with other exciting places nearby instead of Nandi Hills. Look for details in the Travel Tips section.

The summer months will be hot during the day. Please cover well and drink a lot of water.

Now let us go into details 😊

We went to Isha Foundation Bangalore a few months back which has the Adiyogi statue and Naga Mantapa. The place is situated near Chikkaballapur on the Bangalore – Hyderabad highway. Chikkaballapur to Isha Foundation distance via National Highway which is the best road is 12 KMs.

The location of the centre is in a bowl surrounded by rolling hills. The place is under construction. However, the Adi Yogi statue is complete and so is the Naga Mantapa. It will however take another year or two for the whole project to be completed.

The Circuit – Bangalore – Nandi Hills – Bhoga Nandishwara Temple – Isha Yoga Centre Bangalore – Bangalore

Google map of the circuithttps://goo.gl/maps/Q8RGZgc44ZoiRLGL6

Distance – 181 KMs

Road condition – Excellent.


 7 AM – Depart from home. For those who are in North and East Bangalore, it is easy to hit Airport Road. For those of us staying in South Bangalore you have to either wade through the city or go via NICE road and exit at Tumkur road. Take the first available U-Turn and then turn left at Peenya junction and continue on Outer Ring Road till you reach Airport Road.

8 AM – You can have your breakfast in India Paratha Company or Nandi Upachar or Srinidhi Vaibhava on the highway.

9 AM – Depart for Nandi hills. Drive on the highway for a few kilometres and then turn left at the prominent signage. Drive on the good road and follow the signage. As you start climbing the hill, the road turns curvy with few hairpin bends. Make sure you drive safely.

Nandi Hills road
Lovely road to Nandi Hills!

10 AM – Arrive at Nandi Hills. Spend two hours exploring the hills – Tippu Drop, Shiva temple, the birthplace of Arkavathy river, Cubbon house – the British bungalow built for Lord Cubbon, check out a few viewpoints – The KSTDC restaurant has some fabulous views.

Nandi Hills
Lovely view from the top of the hill!

12 Noon – Depart from the hill and come to Bhoga Nandishwara temple in Nandi village. A lovely temple built during the Vijayanagar period – 16th century -, it is a photographers’ paradise. The huge Temple tank and surroundings are peaceful. Appreciate the sculptural heritage of the temple.

Nandi Hills
The Temple tank is very photogenic!

1.30 PM – Depart temple. Head to Hotel Ruchira for lunch.

3 PM – After lunch drive to Isha Yoga Centre. 30 minutes of drive through the village and hilly terrain circumventing Harihara Hill will take you to the parking area of Isha Yoga Centre. As you enter the village look out for lovely ponds in the stone quarries on the right side! The last three KMs on the hilly terrain are now complete and the road is good.

Isha Chikkaballapur
First view of Adi Yogi!!!

After parking your car walk to the Naga Mantapa. The parking area is still not complete and may become slushy when it rains.

A 10 feet Nagadeva statue is impressive. You can buy flowers at the ” Offerings stall” for Rs 20 and worship the god yourself. The view of Adiyogi statue from here is beautiful as the mantapa is on high ground.

Isha Yoga Centre Bangalore
Naga Devata front side
Isha Yoga Centre Bangalore
Naga Devata reverse side

After Naga Mantapa, you can walk down for a closer look at Adi Yogi statue. The place is now done and one can go closer to the statue as in Isha Yoga Centre at Coimbatore. This place may become popular as ” Adiyogi Chikkaballapur” in future!

Isha Yoga Centre Bangalore
Adi Yogi!!

On 15 Jan 23, there was a consecration of Yogeshwra Linga and the inauguration of Adi Yogi statue. The statue looks like this now.

This is how Adi Yogi looks now after recent consecration.
Isha Yoga Centre Bangalore
Yogeshwara Linga
isha chikkaballapur
Adiyogi during laser show!

4.30 PM – Depart for Bangalore. On the way you can have coffee/tea/Snacks at Nandi Upachar or Srinidhi Vaibhava or Nandagokula

Travel tips

  1. This is an easy drive and one day trip. If you want to do only Isha Foundation Bangalore, then go straight on the highway and turn to the place from the highway after Chikkaballapur. This can be done as a half-day trip. Nandi Hills to Adiyogi statue is 40 KMs
  2. Avoid weekends if possible as both places will be very crowded and traffic jams after you turn from the highway are common on weekends.
  3. The Isha Foundation Chikkaballapur is open from 6 AM to 8 PM every day.
  4. Visitors to Isha can take part in the many offerings and processes available at the Yogeshwar Linga and Naga shrine, and experience the Adiyogi Divya Darshanam every evening.
  5. There will be a laser show every day between 7.15 PM to 7.30 PM at Isha Centre. You may stay back if you wish to.
  6. If you have a few hours’ breaks at Bangalore airport and do not know how to kill time, you may hire a taxi and pay a visit to Isha Ashram Bangalore.
  7. At present, the Isha Foundation Bangalore is under construction. There is no cover. Wear Good Walking Shoes. Carry a good hat. It will be hot in the afternoons, especially in summer. The place is not elderly/physically challenged-friendly at present. Elders have to stay at Naga Mantapa.
  8. The place has good restrooms.
  9. Isha Yoga Centre can be clubbed with other interesting places like Avalabetta, Gudibande Fort or Lepakshi for a one-day trip instead of Nandi Hills.
  10. If you have time and energy, you can do a short climb to the Shiva temple atop Harihara Hill.
  11. If you have time, you can also visit the lovely Devanahalli Fort and Tipu Sultan’s birthplace which is dot on the highway.
  12. Check out the special offer on Sadhguru’s books set on Amazon 👇

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the entry fee for Isha Foundation Bangalore? – There is no entry fee for Isha Foundation Bangalore
  2. Where is Isha Foundation located in Karnataka? – Isha Foundation is located in the village of Avalagurki near Chikkaballapur at a distance of 50 KMs from Bangalore.
  3. Does Isha provide free food? – No. However, there is a restaurant in the ashram.
  4. Can we visit Isha without booking? – Yes. On a few special occasions like Maha Shivaratri, one has to register on their website. Registration is free. Please check their website for details
  5. What is the dress code for Isha Centre? – There is no dress code as such. However being a spiritual place, visitors are expected to dress decently.
  6. What are the timings of the Adiyogi laser show? – The timings are from 7 PM to 7.15 PM.
  7. What is Nandi Hills famous for? – Nandi Hills is famous for its cool and salubrious climate, lovely views of the neighbouring landscape from the top of the hill and gardens. At the foothills, there is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva known as Bhoga Nandishwara temple
  8. What is the best time to see Nandi Hills? – Early mornings on weekdays is the best time to visit Nandi Hills

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