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Sunrise at Devarayanadurga | A Blissful experience!

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:58 pm

We went for an early morning drive few years back to watch sunrise at Devarayanadurga. It was a blissful experience!

Devarayandurga is not new to Poorna. He has been there as a kid many times when he used to go to his grandma’s place who lived in Tumkur.

Sunrises and Sunsets are always fabulous when you watch from the hills and Devarayana Durga was the choice as we did not want to go to Nandi Hills which gets crowded.

Devarayanadurga is situated at a distance of 75 KMs from Bangalore and the road condition throughout is good. Our idea was to reach there in time for sunrise, watch it and come back home for breakfast after visiting the Yoga Narasimhaswamy temple which is on the hill.

We get up at 3.30 AM and hit the road at 4.30. Being last week of January, the sunrise time in Bangalore is 6.47 AM. We reach the place around 5.55 AM with leisurely drive. There is no one except us in the parking area. The place is pitch dark and has an eerie feeling. The place is so quiet and full of mist. 

We have experienced fog in North India during our road trips and for the first time we are experiencing the layers of mist floating around you closer home. It is lovely and pretty cold as well.

The hill is part of Devarayanadurga Reserve forest spread across 49 KMs and is home to wild animals like wild boar, Sloth bear and leopard. We could see many wild rabbits in the brightness of our head light. It is still dark when we reach and we do not want take a chance of venturing out for a walk fearing sloth bears.

At 6.20 Am we start climbing the hill towards the temple. The temple is closed – it opens only at 8 AM – but we are able to get to vantage point. We keep our fingers crossed as the fog is very dense and we are afraid that we may miss the glorious sunrise. But we are lucky!

The sun is playing hide and seek and we wait for moments when the mist gets cleared and sun shone.

Let pictures tell the story…..

The rocky hill. Notice the form of a “Human face” in the next picture

The steps leading to temple. The steps are well laid out. One can take the vehicle to the top of the hill and then climb steps to the temple. If some one is interested in climbing all the way from foot hill, they can do so. Steps have been nicely laid out from the foothill. The mantapas add to the beauty of the landscape.

Misty surroundings

The sun is faintly visible in the horizon

……..Becomes more clear whenever mist gives the way. Sunrise at Devarayanadurga!

sunrise at Devarayanadurga
sunrise at Devarayanadurga

Travel tips

a) We reached early. We could have got some more sleep. It is a 1hour and 15 Mins drive. Keep ten minutes to climb 100 odd steps before you chose a vantage point.

b) The place is excellent for bird watching and we could see at-least ten species through our binoculars. Since the temple opens only at 8 AM, if you want to visit the temple, it will be worthwhile to hike in the forest for bird watching.

c) On the way back, if you are not visiting the temple, you can have good breakfast at Pavitra Idli Hotel in Kyatasandra which is fampus for Thatte Idlis and drive back home.

Google map for the circuit https://goo.gl/maps/4dNB3BKaMBq4siRS6

For a detailed one day trip itinerary to Devarayanadurga, Shivagange and Mandaragiri please click this link – http://traveltwosome.com/devarayanadurga/

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