10 Practical Tips for Celebrating the 2024 New Year in Goa!

Christmas and New year celebrations in Goa

Last updated on December 31st, 2023 at 06:20 pm

New Year in Goa is a fantastic experience. We have been there many times and it is part of our cherished memories. The festive spirit is all around and beaches come to life!

You would have looked up the list of best places in Goa to celebrate New Year / New Year events in Goa or the best beach for the New Year in Goa.

There are many ways to welcome the year 2024 in Goa!

You can go for a beach party. You can dance till the wee hours in nightclubs! Have Feni and barbecue on the beach! Celebrate it on a cruise ship! Or just hang out on any major beach and join the fun!

Whatever your plan to celebrate New Year in Goa, we recommend that you read these essential 10 tips which will make your new year in Goa a memorable experience!

1 Don’t go during this week if you are going to Goa for the first time!

Yes. If you are going to Goa for the first time, this is not the right time to visit. Everything will be crowded and hotel rates will be very high. It will be tough to explore Goa during this time and it will not be a great experience if you are coming to this lovely place first time.

2 Book the hotel well in advance

If you are planning to celebrate Christmas and New Year, book your hotel now! The best hotels in Goa get filled up very fast.

3 Don’t go without a prior hotel booking

In addition to point 2 above, never venture into Goa during this time without prior booking of the hotel. It will be tough to get good hotels and you will be wasting time searching for hotels.

4 Choose a beach for a celebration

Whether it is Baga or Calangute or Miramar or Colva or Palolem or Beanulim or Covellosim, choose a beach you want to go to for New Year celebrations. Go there and plank yourself. These are popular beaches where you can witness fireworks too.

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5 Go early to the beach

It is good to be there on the beach of choice by evening because the roads will get clogged as we progress towards midnight. Going early will help you get parking space.

6 Park comfortably

Park at a distance and at a comfortable place even if you have to walk a bit. This is because if someone comes and parks in front of your vehicle, you are stuck!

7 Take a bike or hire a cab

Not taking your own car to the beach is a good idea. The bike is easy to park and manoeuvre. Having a cab will give you the comforting feeling of not having to bother about parking etc

8 Identify a good shack/beach restaurant

Make sure you have identified a restaurant/shack on any beach you have chosen and make sure you either book a table or go early to occupy the place.

The same applies if you want to go to any nightclub/Casino/restaurant to welcome the new year. Book well in advance. Walk-ins in popular places are just not possible on New Year’s Eve. Don’t get disappointed.

9 Carry some eats to the beach

If you haven’t booked a place as given in point 8 above, you may end up not getting anything to eat or drink or a place to sit in a decent place. Drinking on the beach may not be allowed and beach marshals may catch you. The Goa Govt has banned drinking on the beach. Please be watchful.

10 Crowds

All beaches will be crowded on New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry about it. Goan beaches are quite safe. Stay and watch spectacular fireworks at the dot of midnight to welcome the new year.

New year in Goa
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Go ahead and plan now if you want to welcome 2024 in Goa. We will assure you it will be fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Where can I celebrate New Year in Goa? – New Year is best celebrated on the beaches in Goa. The best beaches to experience New Year celebrations are Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, Colva, Benaulim, and Palolem beaches.
  2. Is it worth going to Goa for New Year? – Absolutely. You should. At least once! It is really fun. Just follow the tips given above for a lovely and memorable experience!
  3. How Is New Year Celebrated in Goa? – New Year is welcomed in Goa with fun and frolic. You will be immersed in a festive mood and have a wonderful experience!

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Are you excited and will be in Goa to celebrate the new year on 01 Jan 2024?

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