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A quick and delightful trek in Manali on Beas Kund trail!

trek in manali

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 03:00 pm

In June 2016, we were in Manali. This quick trek in Manali was part of our preparedness for the five day marathon in the Himalayas!

We were taking part in the first edition of Hell Race also known as Great Himalayan Running festival. ( https://www.thehellrace.com/) A marathon between Manali and Leh over Five high altitude passes over five days!

We had reached Manali few days earlier and were exploring the lovely hill station. A day before the start of the race, Vishwas Sindhu, the man behind this amazing concept wanted all of us to get some warm up activity and also a bit of acclimatisation. What else is the best way to do it than by going on a short trek.

Vishwas had selected the trail of Beas Kund for this. We had a quick and early lunch and went to the start point in a canter. Atal Tunnel was still under construction and we drove on the new road till we reached dead end and started walking to our start point.

We started walking past the construction huts and were soon in the open. The landscape in front of us was breathtaking. Mountains in the horizon caressed by pre monsoon clouds. Rolling hills with green carpet with the sprinkling of colourful flowers. A stream in the middle which we would be crossing!

Please join us as we do this short trek in Manali!

We start from the resort in a jeep. We drive on the road which today leads to Atal tunnel.

This bridge is our start point as we get down from the jeep and cross Beas river

From here, it is a delightful hike for the next two hours along Beas river.

As we climb which is not steep, we come across lovely Himalayan wild flowers in bloom. The yellow spread looks spectacular!

We continue along the river and cross a stream…..enjoying spectacular landscape all around!

We finally come to lovely plateau surrounded by snow-clad mountains and rest our tired legs. We see the tents of Bakharwals – shepherds – who are nomads in Himalayas.

Trek in Manali
Trek in Manali
Trek in Manali

It starts getting cloudy and darker and we climb down. We return to our resort in time before it starts raining.

It was a short trek of four hours. This is part of longer trek in Manali to Beas kund – the birthplace of Beas river.

When you go to Manali next time explore this trail. You will love it!

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