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24 Places to Visit in 2024 in India arranged as per 6 Seasons of Indian Calendar!

Wish you all a wonderful new year and all the best in 2024! Here is our list of 24 places to visit in 2024 in India. We have made these interesting choices based on the 6 seasons – Ritus – as per the Indian calendar. Check it out!

Spring or Vasant Ritu

1 Kashmir

Kashmir in spring is lovely. There is still snow in the mountains. The grasslands have come to life after a harsh winter. The weather is not too cold. Best time to be there!

Check out a glimpse here –

2 Chopta – Tungnath

Photo Courtesy -eUttaranchal

Time to see Rhododendrons! Chopta along with Sikkim is best visited in Spring. The lovely trail in the mountains from Chopta to Tungnath is lined by beautiful Rhododendron trees in bloom!

Travel tip – Chopta is an 8-hour drive from Rishikesh by Taxi. Please this for all details on Chopta –

3 Vrindavan

Holi in Vrindavan is the highlight of this season! Don’t miss the once in life time experience!

All the details about Holi in Vrindavan in 2024 are here!

4 Sikkim

Like Chopta, Sikkim is painted in Red in Spring! It is also the best time to visit when the weather is pleasant and there is no crowd!

Check this –

Summer – Grishma Ritu

5 Road Trip to Hill Stations in South India

Summertime folks and it is time to head to the hills! The four lovely hill stations in South India make a fantastic road trip.

Check this detailed itinerary for the road trip to Coorg, Ooty, Munnar and Kodaikanal –

6 Spiti

Summer is the best time to visit Spiti. The road conditions are good. There is no threat of landslides during this time and the weather is fantastic. Spiti is still unexplored but is slowly becoming another Ladakh.

Go there before it gets commercialised. This itinerary will help plan your trip –

7 Tiger spotting

Summer is also the best time to spot the big cats. While in Central India, the scorching summers will ensure that spotting tigers is easier at water holes. Even in South India, summers are the best time to visit the national parks to spot big cats.

Travel tip – Check out our experience in Pench Tiger Reserve here –

Monsoon – Varsha Ritu

8 Monsoon road trip in Karnataka

The Malnad or Western ghat regions of Karnataka come alive in monsoon. If you can brave the rains, you are in for a feat of the multitude of waterfalls.

Here is a detailed itinerary for experiencing monsoon in Karnataka –

9 Onam in Kerala

Onam is the festival of Kerala. Be there to experience the festive fervour. Be there to cheer the boatmen race in the backwaters of Alleppey. Kerala comes alive during this time!

Travel tip – Make Alleppey as a base to enjoy the Onam festival.

10 Saputara, Gujarat


The only hill station in Gujarat comes alive in Monsoon. Saputara is fantastic in monsoon with a lovely lake, fantastic waterfalls, viewpoints and just greenery all around. The bonus is the monsoon festival conducted by Gujarat Tourism.

More details here –

11 Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand


If there is a paradise on this earth, it has to be the Valley of Flowers. You have to visit this place only in monsoon and there is no option. But, we will assure you that you will be rewarded well!

Travel tip – See our detailed trek experience to Valley of Flowers here –

Autumn – Sharad Ritu

12 Mandu


Mandu is at its best immediately after the monsoon. It is mesmerising.

Travel tip – See all details on Mandu here –

13 Varanasi

Varanasi is our quintessential favourite and Sharad Ritu is the right time to be there. This is the time of Navaratri and Varanasi is at its best. The added attraction is the month-long Ramlila at Rampur.

Travel tip – Here is a list of our experiences in Varanasi –

14 Sandur

Come to “Sandur in September” is the age-old saying! Monsoon transforms the barren land into lush green hills!

Travel tips – Check out all details on Sandur here –

Panchkuli peaks as seen from Munsiyari ( Photo Courtesy – )

The region of Kumaon in Uttarakhand is best seen after monsoon when the landscape is green and beautiful. The lakes will be lovely too.

Travel tip – Please see the Kumaon circuit in this link –

Captivating Konkan ( Photo Courtesy – Ashok Rao )

The region of Konkan in Maharashtra is less explored and astonishingly beautiful after the rains. Lovely beaches, seaside forts, waterfalls etc make this a good choice to visit

Travel tips – Make Ratnagiri or Vengurla the base and explore the region.

Pre winter – Hemant Ritu

16 Ayodhya

Diwali in Ayodhya is a spectacle. Be there to experience the festivities.

17 Amritsar

Picture Courtesy – Sikh Art Gallery

Another place to experience Diwali. The celebration of Diwali at the Golden Temple is legendary.

Travel Tips – When you go to Amritsar, don’t miss this –

18 Diu


Not much is known outside Gujarat. Gujaratis go there for liquor which is banned in their state. But Diu is much more than that. A lovely Portuguese fort, monuments and beach make this place a good place to visit during this season.

Travel Tips – Diu can be clubbed with a visit to Somnath and also the Gir Lion Sanctuary.

Winter – Shishir Ritu

Winter is the best time to visit unexplored Coastal Karnataka! A road trip to Coastal Karnataka is an invigorating experience. A Coastal Karnataka tour by road makes you experience gorgeous beaches, rivers, backwaters, temples, and heritage spots. It is not as crowded by tourists as in neighbouring Kerala – which is good in a way – and is a captivating milieu of culture and relaxation for an itinerant traveller.

Travel Tips – Please check out a ready-made 7 day itinerary to explore Coastal Karnataka –


Winter is the best time to visit this wonder. Can you believe that a huge temple was built in the 11th century by chiselling away a huge hill from the top? Go there to get stunned.

Travel Tips – Make Aurangabad as base and explore both the places. Go to Ellora at Sunrise when the crowd is minimum.

Rayalaseema region in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is unexplored.

The natural wonders Bellum (Caves), Gandikota (Canyon), Oravakallu (Natural stone formations) lovely forts at Chandragiri, Penukonda, temples at Lepakshi, Tadipatri, Alampur, Ahobilam, Vontimitta. And of course the famous temple town of Tirupati.

Travel Tips – Here is a detailed itinerary from Bangalore to explore Rayalaseema Wonders! –

22 Chattisgarh

foto’s A. Moerman,

The unexplored wonders of Chattisgarh can be visited only during winter. Whether it is spectacular Chitrakoot Falls or lovely Kutumsar caves, winter is the best time to visit this lovely state.

Travel Tips – Check all about Chhattisgarh here –


If you want to experience the Yuletide fervour and New Year festivities, head to Goa. Yes, Goa will be crowded but you can still experience the fantastic spiritual atmosphere in the state.

Travel Tips – 1) Celebrating New Year in Goa –

2) Christmas in Goa –


December is the time for the Hornbill festival and exploring Nagaland. Go for it! Check details here –

This was our list to 24 places to visit in 2024 in India! A list to inspire you to travel in 2024!

What is your list? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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