Mysore Dasara 2023 | 6 Things to Do U haven’t done before!

Mysore dasara

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 08:53 pm

Mysore Dasara or Dussehra is a spectacle of the season in Karnataka! Wishing you all a very Happy Dasara, Navaratri, Puja ….

Mysore is called The Royal city. The Heritage city. The Cultural city. Many sobriquets for the lovely sleepy town. It still retains its old-world charm.

When we talk about Mysore Dasara, we all look for the illuminated spectacle of the Palace, the Dasara procession, cultural shows, etc. Mysore Dasara means many things to many people. Mysore being a second home to us, having been to the city many times.

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What are the unique experiences one can get when you visit Mysore during Dasara? We pondered over the question and came back with these 6 things you should do when you go to see Mysore Dasara.

1 See Illuminated Mysore from Chamundi hills

mysore dasara

Go late in the evening say around 8 PM. Drive up the hill and just look down. If you don’t get that “wow” feeling, tell us! Yes, Mysore from Chamundi Hill during Dasara looks like a “Swarga” you would have seen in the movies! Beautiful.

2 Watch Pahlwans fight it out!

mysore dasara

Yes. Mysore has a long tradition of wrestling. Even today there are few akhadas practicing the Mysore style of wrestling. Dasara is the time when the pahlwans flex their muscles in the wrestling competition. It is a Dangal time in Mysore dasara! Check out for tickets in the link at the end of this post.

3 Bombe Mane

mysore dasara

Bombe Mane or Dolls’ house. The Kingdom of Mysore had a tradition of display of dolls in homes during Dasara. That still continues. We do it at home even today. But Bombe Mane is something different. The array of dolls on display is mind-blowing. Don’t miss it!

All details here – Bombe Mane

4 Cycling around the city

mysore dasara

If you love cycling, Mysore is the city. Tree-lined, levelled roads in the city makes cycling a pleasure. Hire a bicycle or take yours and pedal along. You will love it.

5 Tonga tour of Mysore

mysore dasara
Photo Courtesy – www.mysore.ind.in

Tongas or Horse Carriages are for Mysore and Auto rickshaws are for Bangalore or Taxis for Mumbai. Hire a colourful Tonga and go around the city. Being the season, the guys may charge a little extra. Don’t mind. This is an experience you should not miss.

6 Morning walks on Kukkarahalli lake

mysore dasara

Kukkarahalli lake is the jewel of Mysore. Rejuvenated and renovated in recent times, good rains have turned the place lovely. A walk on the tank bund at dawn is soothing for the soul. Away from the jostling crowds of Mysore Dasara! If you are a bird watcher, there are many winged friends waiting for you here!

Another experience we would love to add when you are in Mysore for the Dussehra festival is the concert in the Durbar Hall. Earlier, these concerts used to be held in the Durbar Hall. Unfortunately, this is no longer done and is now held in a stage in the palace complex. Still worth the experience to enjoy the concerts with the palace as the backdrop.

If you are an avid reader and have loved the stories by R K Narayan – remember Malgudi Days – then take some time to visit his lovely home turned into a museum. 

Travel Tips

  1. Be aware that when you visit Mysore during Dasara festival, there will be long queues to visit the popular spots like the main Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Zoo and Brindavan gardens, Chamundeshwari temple atop Chamundi hill. Plan your time well.
  2. Book your accommodation well in advance. It is very difficult to get accommodation in good hotels if you are late.
  3. Most of the places of interest in Mysore are within walking distance except for Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills and Kukkarahalli Lake.
  4. Wear good walking shoes and walk around the beautifully lit city during this time! Check out festival offers on Amazon 👇
All details about Mysore Dasara 2023 is available in this link – http://www.mysoredasara.gov.in/home/ You can also buy Mysore Dussehra 2023 tickets through this website.

If you are looking for a walking tour/cycling tour of Mysore and have a real experience of the city, here is an excellent option Royal Mysore Walks

What has been your unique experience of Mysore Dasara? We would love to hear from you.

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