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Haddinakallu & Basaralu | Your One Day Trip Guide from Bangalore!

Basaralu and Haddinakallu makes a nice combination for a day trip. One is a hill temple and the other one is a small but lovely Hoysala temple.

This series of one day trips from Bangalore provide you an opportunity to spend a day visiting places near Bangalore. We encourage you to explore the rich landscape, heritage and beautiful spots surrounding Bangalore.

One Day trip from Bangalore 14 is the fourteenth in this series. If you are looking for places to visit from Bangalore within 150 kilometres or if you are looking for a comfortable one day trip from Bangalore, please take a look at this post on this blog.

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This one day trip provides you an opportunity to explore lovely hill temple of Lord Hanuman at Haddinakallu and beautiful Hoysala temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna at Basaralu.

The Circuit

Route – Bangalore – Haddinakallu – Basaralu – Bangalore

Distance – 285 KMs

Road condition – Excellent

Google map of circuit – https://goo.gl/maps/UYNHp1w5d642

The Itinerary

6.30 AM – Leave home and hit NICE road if you stay near it. Exit at Tumkur road exit. Follow the road for ten kilometres and then take diversion onto Mangalore highway.

8 AM – Breakfast time at Shark Food Court after Solur.  This eatery has soft and tasty Thatte Idlis (flat idlis) – the best in the game – and Masala Dosa. If you find it early to have breakfast, then drive for another thirty minutes to reach Swati Delicacy which has excellent breakfast menu. Don’t forget to eat their tasty Masala Dosa and the best filter coffee you get anywhere.

8.45 AM – Depart for Haddinakallu. A drive of 1 hour from Shark take you (20 minutes from Swathi Delicacy) to the foothills of Haddinakallu.

9.45 AM – Start climbing the hill. Please check out detailed post on Haddinakallu here.

Where Eagles dare!

It is important that you read the post and it will give a first hand perspective of the place with lovely pics. It takes two and a half to three hours for a round trip to summit.

Haddinakallu & Basaralu

Haddinakallu hill from a distance

Haddinakallu & Basaralu

The steps to climb….lovely greenery all around

Haddinakallu & Basaralu

Lovely views from the summit

12.45 PM – Depart Haddinakallu for Basaralu. Reach Mayura restaurant at Bellur Cross for lunch

1.15 PM – Lunch time

2.15 PM – Depart for Basaralu.

3 PM – Arrive at Basaralu. Explore the temple for 45 minutes. This small but beautiful temple is known for its sculptures. The temple complex comprises two shrines dedicated to the deities Mallikarjuna and Chandikeshwara. The Mallikarjuna shrine houses a Balahari “linga”. Beautiful lotus carving adorns the ceiling. There is a Bhairava sculpture in the sanctum (“garbhagriha”) of Chandikeshwara temple. There is a twenty feet tall pillar opposite to the temple.

Haddinakallu and Basaralu

The lovely exterior of the temple

Haddinakallu & Basaralu

A lovely array of sculptures

3.45 PM – Depart for Bangalore.

5 PM – Reach Swathi Delicacy for evening snacks of Bonda/Soup or Masala Dosa. Don’t miss to sip their outstanding filter coffee.

5.45 PM – Depart for Bangalore and reach home safely.

Travel Tips

  1. Detailed travel tips for Haddinakallu can be read in the post mentioned earlier.
  2. It is good to leave early as the sun gets hotter as the day pass by.
  3. Carry good hat to cover from sun while climbing and exploring the temple.
  4. A good camera and Binocular is handy.
  5. If you are a Coffee lover, Don’t miss out drinking filter coffee at Swathi Delicacy
  6. If you have time you can also visit the lovely Soumya Keshava Temple at Nagamangala

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