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A Meditative Morning @ Kavishyla, Tirthahalli

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

Last updated on September 10th, 2023 at 09:19 pm

We did not plan this at all. It turned out to be a marvelous experience at Kavishyla!

We have lost the count of number of times we have been to Tirthahalli. Whenever we visit the “Heart of Malnad”, we make it a point to visit Kuppali which has the ancient home of KUVEMPU, – the doyen of Kannada literature – now converted into a nice memorial and museum.

BTW, this was part of our first long road trip since COVID covering Tirthahalli, Baindur, Udupi and Kasaragod!

The Kuppali complex also has a small hillock called “Kavishyla” or the “Poet’s hill”. The charming hill today has a lovely memorial for the poet designed by famous artist of Karnataka KT Shivaprasad.

Modelled on the marvel of Stonehenge in England, the memorial oozes serenity. The forest surrounding the hill provide you a glimpse how the place molded the sensitivities of the poet who worshipped nature as god. It is said that Kuvempu was fond of walking up the hill and get inspired by the surroundings. Especially at dawn and dusk.

We get up early and decide to go to Kavishyla at sunrise. Our regular hang out Bananki Homestay is 8 KMs from the place and it helped.

We reach the foothills and there is no soul in sight. It is absolute silence except chirping of birds. We park the car and walk up as the gates are closed.

It is a short walk uphill through the forest. It is a lovely morning. Sun has just risen and there is nip in the air. The birds have woken up and chirping away.

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

We walk along the road. We get a first glimpse of what in store is as we walk to the parking area. A Stonehenge kind of sculpture welcomes us.

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

A small walk from the parking area leads us to the main memorial. The setting is spectacular. A series of Stonehenge like structures placed in semi circle with the grave of the great poet in the middle makes it perfect.

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli
Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

The samadhi of Kuvempu, the great poet!

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

A pan shot does justice to the artistic aesthetics of the memorial created by well known artist KT Shivaprasad

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

Few steps away from the samadhi, we are on barren stone hill offering spectacular valley view. Sunset here is lovely!

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

This is the place where the three giants of Kannada Literature – Kuvempu, BMSri and T S Venkannaiah – used to sit and discuss whenever they came to Kuppali

We select a spot for meditation. We are the only two on the hill. It was a mind-blowing spiritual experience to feel silence amidst nature!

Kavishyla Kuppalli Tirthahalli

Sun peeping out of clouds……

As we walk down the hill, we see this stone plaque with a poem by Kuvempu engraved on it. This is a poem written in 1934 which celebrate silence amidst nature. Which celebrate the splendor of nature! The poet ask us to stay silent and experience the nature in meditation.

That’s what we did in the morning in Kavishyla!

Travel info

Kavishyla is 15 KMs from Tirthahalli which is a small little town in the heart of Malnad.

Many homestays around Tirthahalli makes stay pleasant. Our favorite is Bananki Homestay which has been made bigger and beautiful! Arpita and Rachan are fabulous hosts who pamper you with mouthwatering Malnad delicacies!

Mornings at Kavishyla is a wonderful meditative experience. Park the car at the foothill and walk up.

The museum housed in beautiful heritage house opens at 10 AM.

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