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Want to Experience Monsoon in Karnataka | Head to these 10 Lovely places!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:12 pm

Monsoon is here! It is time to go out and get wet, to experience nature at its greenest. To enjoy the glorious sights of lovely waterfalls! Here is our list of favorite places to experience monsoon in Karnataka in truest sense! Check this out

1 Tirthahalli/Agumbe

The heart of Malnad! Agumbe, Tirthahalli and surrounding places gets highest rainfall in the country after Cherrapunji! If you want real monsoon feel with torrential rain, then this is the place to be! This is our top of the list of places to experience monsoon in Karnataka!

Please check out a detailed one week itinerary here! – http://traveltwosome.com/monsoon-western-ghats/

2 Sirsi/Yellapur

 places to experience monsoon in Karnataka

Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district is still not a popular destination which is good! The small and quaint town is perfect for someone who wants to experience monsoon! Lovely waterfalls, ancient temples, lakes makes this a charming monsoon destination. Yellapur is an hours drive from Srisi and you will be able to see two fabulous waterfalls – Magod and Sathoddi – and pristine Kavadikere lake!

Please check out all details about Sirsi here – http://traveltwosome.com/sirsi-waterfalls-destination/

3 Somwarpet

 places to experience monsoon in Karnataka

Everyone knows Coorg as a popular destination. But Somwarpet in Coorg is still unexplored! Off the regular tourist circuit, the place retains quiet and lovely charm. Flanked by Pushpagiri mountains on one side, it has lovely waterfalls – Abbimatta and Mallalli falls are fabulous, lakes and viewpoints including Bisle Ghat viewpoint to explore. Or just stay in one of the lovely homestays and enjoy the rain!

4 Hampi/Sandur

Photo Courtesy – (13) Shivashankar Banagar | Facebook

Hampi and monsoon? Yes, Hampi in rains is surreal! The weather is pleasant and the fields are green, Tungabhadra river in all its glory! The rain soaked monuments are photographer’s delight! We also suggest to keep a day to explore rolling hills and lakes of lovely Sandur. Check out details here.

Hampi http://traveltwosome.com/bangalore-hampi-badami-bijapur-road-trip-guide/

Sandur http://traveltwosome.com/sandur-shiv-vilas-palace/

5 Khanapur

Photo Courtesy – (13) Mohan Kumar K | Facebook

Any itinerate traveler to Karnataka knows that Belagavi is lovely in Monsoon. Move outside the city and you have Khanapur which is surrounded by forests and is an excellent place to stay to explore pristine nature, lovely Chikale, Surla and Vjra Poha waterfalls. Just drive around on roads surrounded by pristine green! Either you can stay in Belagavi and explore Khanapur and surroundings as day trips or stay there.

6 Dandeli

 places to experience monsoon in Karnataka

You may not be able to go for safari in monsoon but staying in Dandeli is best thing you can do to experience the glory of rains! In August, you will also be able to see beautiful hornbills on the trees! Drive around the place, see the lovely Kali valley from Sykes point.


7 Coastal Karnataka

From Mangalore to Karwar, Karnataka has fine beaches. Monsoon is the best time to vsist to exprience the quiet sands and roaring sea!

Check out detailed itinerary to explore Coastal Karnataka here – http://traveltwosome.com/coastal-karnataka-road-trip-guide/

8 Sakleshpur

Monsoon and Sakleshpur are made for each other! Check this to read why we are saying thus! Click this link http://traveltwosome.com/sakleshpur-monsoon-drive/

9 Kalasa

While Chikmagalur as a whole is lovely in Monsoon, we chose Kalasa because it is still not commercialized and is close to the magical mountains of Kudremukh! Rolling hills with tea plantataions at Samshe, ancient temples at Horanadu and Kalasa, lovely Bhadra river and small waterfalls nearby makes this a nice monsooon destination!

10 Bangalore to Mangalore in Vista dome

Yes, if you want to do one train journey in monsoon, then this must be the one! The new vista dome coaches give you an experience of lifetime of travelling through pristine western ghats with numerous waterfalls cascading from the hills. The train goes through numerous tunnels and high bridges which is a engineering marvel!

Details here – https://www.karnataka.com/bangalore/vistadome/

Road condition – Generally good. However, road conditions in monsoon may change without notice. We strongly recommend you to become a member of Facebook Group of Road Trippers led by doyen of Indian Road Trippers – H V Kumar – and check latest updates on roads before you embark on coastal Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry tour. Please click on this to join the group


These were our list of places to experience monsoon in Karnataka. What about yours? We would love to hear from you!

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