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Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala Temple and Mahimapura Hill | Plan a One day trip with this detailed guide

Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala Temple

Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala Temple and Mahimapura Hill temple is a nice combination for an easy one day trip from Bangalore.

This is the 25th in the series of One day trips from Bangalore – 25 Exciting options with detailed itineraries. These one day trips are easy to do and will break the monotony of city life. They will also provide a nice outing to children who can experience outdoors.

This is an interesting one day trip from Bangalore. Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala Devastana complex is known for the wonderful temple dedicated to Bhagavad Gita.

The massive temple has all verses of Bhagavad-Gita inscribed on stone inside the temple. Mahimapura which is close by is a small hill with lovely temple of Lord Ranganatha.

Weather Alert – This is summer and day times are hot. Cover well and drink a lot of water and be well hydrated.

The Circuit

Bangalore – Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala temple – Mahimapura Hill – Bangalore

Google Map – https://goo.gl/maps/SMV1QmEi8qpiadpw5

Total Distance – 92 KMs

The Plan

7.00 AM – Leave home. We recommend you take NICE road wherever you are as it is convenient. Exit at Tumkur Road. Those who are staying in west and north Bangalore can take Peenya elevated road.

8 AM – Have a good breakfast at New Agarwal Vegetarian restaurant or Paakashala at T Begur or Namasthe Bengaluru.

9 AM – Leave after breakfast and head straight to Mahimapura.

10 AM – Arrive at Mahimapura/ Park your car/bike at the foothills and Climb 300 steps to reach the temple atop the hill.

Steps leading to temple on the hill

Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala Temple

The temple

From the top of the hill, the breathtaking views are the other attractions. The majestic Shivag­ange hill, the surrounding jungle, the trees and the birds will make one forget the climb.

Lovely view of Shivagange hill from the top

The small temple appears to be a Hoysala structure with beautiful carved stone pillars on the mukhamantapa.

11.30 AM – Depart for Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala temple.

12.15 AM – Arrive at Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala temple. Park your car/bike and explore the temple complex. The 12 feet Vijaya Vittala idol in granite is exquisitely carved.

Walk down to the ” Gita Mandira”, the temple dedicated to Bhagavad-Gita. Built in the shape of a chariot pulled by five horses, it has beautiful and massive idol of Lord Vishnu in Vishwaroopa Avatara.

All verses of Bhagavad Gita are etched on granite slabs on the walls of the temple. The massive mandir with Lord Vishnu in Vishwaroopa provides a divine and spiritual ambience.

Choose a corner and sit for few minutes meditating.

The Geetha Mandira is modelled as a chariot.

vishwaroopa vijaya vittala temple

The lovely Vishwaroopa Vijaya Vittala !

vishwaroopa vijaya vittala temple

Closeup of the idol…….

vishwaroopa vijaya vittala temple

Inscriptions of verses from Bhagavad Gita

vishwaroopa vijaya vittala temple

1.30 PM – Depart for Bangalore. Have lunch either at good old Chandu Dhabha or Bobby’s Punjabi Dhabha or Dakshin Delicacy or Paakashala or Namaste Bangalore.

3 PM – Depart for home

Travel Tips

1 Carry a good hat to protect from sun. Carry water bottles.

2 You have many options now for breakfast/lunch with the opening of Paakashala and Namaste Bangalore.

3 Both places are not crowded.

4 Timings are indicative for travelling in car/bike.

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