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Ladakh Landscape in Spring – Stunning and Beautiful!

Looking at these Ladakh landscape pictures, we were stunned. Shot by Kaushik Das, the ace photographer. We couldn’t resist sharing it with our readers.

Ladakh has been one of our favourite places in the country ever since we did our first trip in 2010. Anyone who have been to this cold desert in the Himalayas will be mesmerised by its beauty.

We have done road trips and treks in this spectacular wilderness. All these done in comfortable Ladakhi summer. We have written about our experiences in a series titled “Ladakh Diaries” – a series of 11 posts so far. We are yet to write about out our experiences of Markha valley trek and the drive from Srinagar to Leh. We will do that soon.

How is to be in this region in other seasons? Say winter or Spring? In winter, it is freezing but mesmerise you. Sankar Sridhar can show you that beautifully through the pictures shot by him. But we were stunned when we stumbled upon the pictures of Ladakh in spring. It is still cold in spring. Lot of snow. But spectacular!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Kaushik who braved the cold and snow to drive around in the cold desert. He has captured these Ladakh Landscape in his camera. What comes out is a stunning and beautiful album. Here is a sample of five pictures. Please click on them in larger size.

Ladakh landscape

Ladakh landscape

Ladakh landscape

Ladakh landscape

Ladakh landscape

How did you feel after seeing this sample of Ladakh Landscape in Spring by Kaushik? We have deliberately left out captions as we want you to check out 31 more such photographs in his Picasa album. Go for it now.

Please check out his album hereLadakh in April

Let us know your reaction after seeing the album.

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