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Magnificent Flower Varieties in Valley of Flowers, Himalayas

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 07:38 pm

We all know that Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas is a paradise. The number of Flower varieties in Valley of Flowers must be in hundreds. These flowers are so beautiful that you will never be satiated. The beauty of the Valley of Flowers is that not all flowers bloom at the same time. So unless you are a botanist and working on an assignment, you will never be able to capture details of at the flowers!

But the flower varieties in valley of flowers we saw when we went for the trek in August 2010 were so many that we were mesmerised. We missed Primulas which bloom early in June but we were compensated by yellow spread of Ligularias!

Here are the flowers we could see and thanks to Macro lens, we were able to capture them for eternity! Don’t worry about their names. Even we don’t know that! Just enjoy the lovely flowers.

Blue berries

The trek to Valley of Flowers is a once in a life time experience. The pristine wilderness and the colourful flowers blooming all around you is something you will cherish for ever.

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