Diwali in Amritsar

Written by Poorna & Brinda
We are still in the middle of Diwali celebrations.
I am writing this post as crackers burst and rockets zoom to sky. The sky looks beautiful with spectacular lights and the street is lit by flowerpots. It is a day of rejoicing and praying. Day when sweets are distributed and gifts are exchanged.
One of spectacular Diwali to witness is in Amritsar. Diwali is holy for Sikhs and Amritsar is the place to be when the Golden temple and surroundings are dazzling. Fireworks add to the grand finale of the festivities in this holy place.
Here are few pictures which should allure you to plan your next trip to Amritsar during Diwali.
Here is a Youtube link on fireworks in Amritsar during Diwali.
Photo courtesy – Except of the first picture from the top, all other photos are shot by Gurpreet Singh Dubb. The first picture is by Gurmeet Singh.



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