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Muthathi & Achalu Betta | YOUR One Day Trip Guide from Bangalore!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Muthathi is a riverside picnic spot on river Cauvery. It is a perennial favourite of Bangaloreans who want to enjoy the cool waters of Cauvery! We are combining it with another lovely but fairly unknown hill temple.

This series of one day trips from Bangalore provide you an opportunity to spend a day visiting places near Bangalore. We encourage you to explore the rich landscape, heritage and beautiful spots surrounding Bangalore.

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This one day trip provides you an opportunity to explore lovely riverside picnic spot of Muthathi and hill temple at Muneshwarana betta aka Achalu betta.

The Circuit

Route – Bangalore – Kanakapura – Achalu Grama Panchyath (Muneshwrana Betta/Achalu betta) – Muthathi – Kanakapura – Bangalore

Distance – 215 KMs

Road condition – Excellent except for few KMs through forest road afar Sathanur

Google map of circuit –

The Itinerary

7 AM – Depart from Bangalore. Enter Kanakapura road. You are lucky if you are near NICE road where you can exit at Kanakapura Road and join the road.

8 AM – Breakfast at MTR after you cross Art of Living ashram. Look out for the MTR signage. It is slightly deceptive and you may miss out if you are not alert.

8.45 AM – Depart MTR and drive straight to Kanakapura. Cross Kanakapura town and drive towards Malavalli. As soon as you leave the town behind, you will find lovely hills in the horizon. Driving on the curvaceous road for few kilometres, you hit the straight stretch. On your left you will notice a lovely hill. This is Muneshwarana betta or Acahlu betta. Acahlu is a village at the foot hill.

The hill as seen from the highway


10 AM – Start climbing the hill. It will take 2 hours for round trip. The steps make it easier to climb. You don’t find many people climbing the hill as this place is still not explored and become “popular”. Once you reach the top, enjoy the panoramic view of the surroundings hilly terrain. There is a small temple of Muneshwara at the top.

Start of the climb….


Lovely views from the top….


12 Noon – Return to your car and drive towards Muthathi. Enjoy the drive through forests after Sathanur. If you are lucky you may spot some wild animals. You will arrive at Muthathi in one hour.

1 PM – Park your car. Look for a shady place near the river. Spread the carpet/durrie you have brought along. Enjoy the river. Have a good picnic by the river side. Be careful not to venture deep into the river. Be aware of rocks in the river. No jumping or diving into the water. One can experience sudden depths next to the rocks. Sometimes the loose sand may give away. The place is also notorious for whirlpools. We are not scaring you but cautioning you as many lives have been lost here.

The forest road after Sathanur….


And quiet flows Cauvery…..


Pick a place like this one and enjoy your riverside picnic


The Hanuman temple…


4 PM – Depart for Bangalore. Stopover for a cup of coffee and snacks in MTR.

Travel Tips

a) It is good to climb the hill early in the morning. We would recommend packing breakfast at Vasu Hotel in Kanakapura and eat it on top of the hill. Departing home around 6.30 AM should bring you to foothill around 8 AM.

b) Since this trip involves climbing the hills, it may be tough for old people. They can stay put in the car if they wish to.

c) Make sure you wear a nice hat and carry enough water.

d) For lunch, there is no option to pack something from Vasu hotel or come to Halagur or Sathanur and pack some stuff. You don’t get anything in Muthathi.

e) There is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman which is revered by locals.

f) The road condition throughout the route is good. You may encounter a small patch of bad road through the forest after Sathanur.

g) The local fishermen will entice you for a coracle ride in the river. We don’t advise it as it is unsafe without life jackets.

h) Be careful climbing the hills when it is raining as it may be slippery.

i) Always wear a good shoe to climb. A nice trekking shoe will be a good bet.

j) Carry a binocular to enjoy the panoramic view of the hills from Achalu Betta and also to see lovely riverine birds.

k) The only accommodation available is with Jungle Lodges and resorts at Bheemeswari which is 5 KMs before Muthathi.

l) Trekkers may opt for a riverside trek from Bheemeshwari to Muthathi.

m) Muthathi and surrounding forests are birder’s paradise.

n) There are no organised treks in the forest unless you stay in Jungle lodges.

o) The river is also known for “Masheer fishing” which can be done if you stay in Jungle Lodges.

p) Don’t forget to carry a carpet or durrie of Jamkhana (rug) for spreading out to sit on the banks. Also carry camp stools/chairs.

We will continue to add more to this series. Till then plan an outing to Muthathi on one of the weekends!

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