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Srirangapatna, Kokkarebellur & Ranganathittu | One Day trip guide!

Srirangapatna is famous for Tipu Sultan and the temple of Sri Ranganathaswamy. This one day trip from Bangalore helps you to explore the glorious heritage of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatna Fort and Srirangapatna Temple of Sri Ranganathaswamy. You will also get a chance to visit two lovely bird sanctuaries – Ranganathittu & Kokkarebellur

Weather Alert – This is summer and day times are hot. Cover well and drink a lot of water and be well hydrated.

This series of one day trips from Bangalore give you an opportunity to spend a day visiting places near Bangalore. We encourage you to explore the rich landscape, heritage and beautiful spots surrounding Bangalore.

This is the 23rd in this series covering Srirangapatna, Ranganathittu and Kokkarebellur. If you are looking for places to visit from Bangalore within 150 kilometres or if you are looking for a comfortable one day trip from Bangalore, please take a look at this post on this blog.

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The Circuit

Bangalore – Ramanagara – Channapatna – Maddur – Mandya – Kokkarebellur – Srirangapatna – Ranganathittu – Bangalore

Total Distance  238 KMs

Road Condition Very good

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The Itinerary

7 AM – Leave home and hit Bangalore – Mysore highway. If you are closer to NICE road then take the NICE road and exit at Mysore road exit.

8.30 AM – Breakfast time. There are many choices on this road. However with expressway being operational, you need to take deviations for restaurants from expressway.

You can either have “Thatte idlis” (Soft flat idlis) at “Renukamba” in Bidadi. The other good options are Malgudi Vatika near Wonderla gate or good old Kamat Loka Ruchi. There are many options on this stretch and you will be spoilt for choices!

9.30 AM – Breakfast done, drive straight to Kokkarebellur.

10.30 AM – Arrive at Kokkarebellur. This small village with lakes around becomes home to Pelicans who migrate during winter. You will find these birds everywhere in the village. On the trees in fields, on the trees in lakes, on the roof tops! The villagers and birds have developed a lovely relationship over the years. They stay till monsoon. Spend 45 minutes to see the lovely Pelicans in the village!




11.15 AM – Depart for Srirangapatna.

12.30 PM – Arrive in Srirangapatna. Hire a good guide and explore the monuments associated with Tipu Sultan. Srirangapatna used to be the erstwhile capital of Wodeyars and Tipu Sultan also known as Tiger of Mysore. The formidable fort – now in ruins – is protected by two streams of river Cauvery which provides natural protection. The places to visit are

Daria Daulat Bagh – The palace of Tipu Sultan. The lovely teakwood palace is based on Indo-Sarcenic architecture. It has beautiful murals depicting life of Tipu Sultan. Check out more details here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daria_Daulat_Bagh



Sri Ranganathaswamy temple – Built in 984 AD, this temple dedicated to Lord Ranganathaswamy – a form of Lord Vishnu – has lovely sculptures and a beautiful main idol of Lord Vishnu in a reclining position similar to the one in the great temple of Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. For more details check this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranganathaswamy_Temple,_Srirangapatna


The Gumbaz – The Gumbaz is a Muslim mausoleum at the centre of a landscaped garden, holding the graves of Tippu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali, and his mother Fakr-Un-Nisa. It was built by Tipu Sultan to house the graves of his parents. The British allowed Tipu to be buried here after his death in the Siege of Srirangapatna in 1799. Check out more details here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gumbaz,_Srirangapatna

Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon – This was the place where Tipu Sultan used to imprison all the British officers. It is near the death place memorial of Tipu Sultan and is surrounded by gardens on all four sides. Lord Bailey was the only British officer who died in that place and could not make it through the tough conditions and so it was later named after him.

Death place memorial – The place where Tipu died in the battle in the final Anglo – Mysore war. It is now converted into a nice memorial.

Sangam – Go down to the place where the two streams of River Cauvery join.

Srirangapatna Fort – You will be entering one of the gates of the impregnable fort with natural moat in the form of two streams of Cauvery. All the monuments above are all located inside the fort.

Jama Masjid – A large mosque built by Tipu Sultan with two lovely towers.

2.30 PM – Lunch time. You may have lunch in either in Halli Mane or Parampare restaurants on the Highway in Srirangapatna.

3.30 PM – Drive to Ranganathittu bird sanctuary. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary  is the largest bird sanctuary in the state, 40 acres (16 ha) in area and comprises six islets on the banks of the river. You can do a boat safari in the river conducted by Forest Department. There is a small ticket fee of Rs 50 per person and boating fee of Rs 50 per Indian and for foreigners it is Rs 300 each. The sanctuary is open between 9 AM to 6 PM. Check out wide variety of birds and large crocodiles! Check out more details here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranganathittu_Bird_Sanctuary





Ranganathittu is located 3 kilometres from the historic town of Srirangapatna.

5 PM – Return to Bangalore. You can break for dinner/evening snacks in any of the good hotels on the way.

Travel Tips

  1. The itinerary is for travel either in a car or bike. The timings are indicative. 
  2. Traffic on weekdays is less on Bangalore – Mysore highway. If you are planning on the weekend, you need to allot some more time or skip one of the bird sanctuaries depending on the season you are going. 
  3. Conversion of Bangalore – Mysore road to 6 lane highway is underway. Though the original 4 lane road is good, expect few diversions on the way.
  4. Depending upon what time you depart, you may adjust your breakfast and lunch breaks. There are many options on the way for both vegetarians and Non vegetarians.
  5. Wear a good hat and a comfortable footwear. There is a bit of walking while exploring the monuments.
  6. Carry bottle of water. The day temperatures will be warm and hot during summer.
  7. The best time to do this trip is in the months of November when you can see more birds in both sanctuaries.
  8. The Ranganathaswamy temple will be open till 1 PM in the afternoon and will open after 4 PM. Plan it accordingly.
  9. Follow the instructions in Ranganathittu strictly. The waters have crocodiles and don’t put your hands in water during boating.
  10. A good binoculars is a must to enjoy the beauty of birds.
  11. Once you finish this One Day Trip from Bangalore, you should aim to go and see these which are closeby.
    1. Melkote & Tonnur Lake – One day trip guide from Bangalore (See picture below)

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10 You can make Mysore as base and visit all these places along with Mysore in three days.

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