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A Refreshing Monsoon Drive in Chikmagalur!

Last week we were out in the rain, for a refreshing monsoon drive in Chikmagalur!
The idea was to do nothing but go for drives in the western ghats. If you are a driving freak like us, nothing can be more pleasurable than driving in monsoon in these mountains when nature is at its best. It is green everywhere. The waterfalls which are invisible in other months are at their glorious best. Driving on the foggy roads hugged by mountains and valleys is an experience in itself.
It was raining cats and dogs in Chikmagalur. Our drive to Mullayanagiri was an adventure. The fog was so thick we could hardly see any thing. Whenever the fog cleared a bit, we could see the valley. Driving carefully and hoping that visibility does not deteriorate, we reached the summit. It was too windy and rainy. It was as if we were inside a cloud.
Coming down from the summit, we headed towards Kemmanagundi. This was a fantastic drive except for the last fifteen KMs when the road turns bad. Cars with low ground clearance should take a U turn and return back at this point.
Driving a Scorpio helped. Join us as we take you through the monsoon drive in Chikmagalur!!

Like the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”, these pictures will paint a lovely journey. Click on the picture to see them in larger size.

Mist clad valleys

Water falls, water falls everywhere!

Driving on the foggy road

Fog cleared and rain drenched road

Foggy again!! The Gopura of the Shiva temple at the foot hill of Mullayanagiri

More waterfalls
This was a big and Beautiful waterfall on the way to Kemmanagundi – Shot in different angles and shutter speed

Another lovely falls……

The waterfall seen above plunges from a great height. It is not accessible but can be seen from a distance


Lovely road through lush greenery
Lovely meadows in Kemmanagundi

We drove from Kemmanagudi to Chikamagalur via Lingadahalli. This gave us this fantastic sight of mist covered Mullayanagiri.
These are few videos we shot of the drives

b) Monsoon Drive – 2

c) Monsoon drive – 3

d) Monsoon drive – 4

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  • Chikamagalur always throws up the surprises from her sleeve on every visit..Whether it is summer/rainy/winter..but she is her best in rainy and winter. The mist clad valleys, playing hide and seek are worth a billion rupee..

    Wonderful information about one of my hometown The mist clad Chikamagalur!!!

  • Thanks alot for the pictures adn directions… I am new in bangalore..LOves to drive… Western ghats are my favouret…

  • Hii…Informative post.Thanks for sharing with us.I liked the way you put up the information.I am panning to visit br hills resort and also bandipur resorts this weekend with my family. because their facilites,sevices offered at low cost,Wildlife Safari really really awesome..

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