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Driving to Munnar in Monsoon – Going gaga over Ghats!

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 03:47 pm

Munnar in monsoon is mind-blowingly beautiful. Driving to Munnar in Monsoon is an exhilarating experience!
We are not sure when we visited Munnar last time. If our memory is correct, it must have been 18 years back when we had been just married. Our plans to visit Munnar were always falling through though we had planned it many times.
This time we did not want to miss the opportunity to drive in monsoon and experience the paradise ourselves. The other motivation was to drive to magnificent Athirapally falls in the monsoon. There we were. Burning the rubber and on the way to Munnar during Eid weekend.

Having driven on the National Highway 47 umpteen times, it has become too familiar an exercise. We left early to avoid the chaos in Hosur, stopping over on the roadside for a cup of boiler tea – how we hate the tea prepared elsewhere boiled over and over again, then customary breakfast at Karur opposite bus stand and we reached Theni by 11 AM. The roads are excellent.

We were disappointed with Theni and its surroundings which are generally green. The rains were absent and the fields were still brown. We could now see the mountains on the horizon.

Munnar in Monsoon
Kannan Devan Hill ranges in the horizon as we drive through Theni

From Theni, we now deviated towards Bodinayakanur from where we started climbing to Munnar on Bodi ghat.

As we moved closer to the ghat road, we were excited as we had heard about lovely vistas when it is climbed. We were not disappointed. The road was fantastic to start with. Winding road but not too many hairpin bends like you find in Valparai. Once we left behind the plains and started climbing, the landscape turned out beautiful.
What surprised us was the height of these mountains. They are tall and beautiful – obviously when you have the tallest mountain in South India amongst them. The scenery started turning greener and stunning as we climbed to Munnar. At the border check post in the village of Bodi Mettu, you will get the first feel of what is in store in Munnar. It was a wow experience as you enter the paradise!

Let the pictures take over now. This is just like a trailer….. Click on them to see in original size.

We start the climb now…..beyond those peaks!
Munnar in monsoon
The ghat road……winding all the way up!
Munnar in monsoon
As you climb, you will have magnificent landscape to enjoy
Munnar in monsoon
The mountains are huge
Munnar in monsoon
The first look at the valley. Munnar is still a few miles away.
Munnar in monsoon
The peaks – reaching the sky!
Munnar in monsoon
Meadows on the hills
Munnar in monsoon
It became foggy and we could see glimpses of the greenery on the hills. Notice the tapering peak….
Munnar in Monsoon
The first view of Munnar valley from Bodimettu. Stunning indeed!

Let us stop here.

Munnar can also be reached via Tiruppur – Udumalpet Ghat road. This route is very picturesque. Especially in monsoon. You will be passing through Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Marayoor sandalwood forests. We thought we would do this on the way back.
But since we were going to Athirapally Falls and returning via Valparai, we missed this. Look at these pictures of the ghat road from Udumalpet from Jaseem Hamza. (Check out his pictures in this link Jaseem Hamza in Panoramio and his Facebook page Jaseem Hamza on Facebook )
Amazing vistas!
Munnar in monsoon
Rain drenched ghat road
Munnar in monsoon
A river gently flowing down the hills
Munnar in monsoon
Downstream sight of Thoovanam waterfalls in Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary 
Munnar in monsoon
Thoovanam waterfalls in Chinnar wildlife sanctuary
Munnar in monsoon
A waterfall on the ghat
Munnar in monsoon
Cloud-covered hills with cascades as seen from the road!
Munnar in monsoon
A stream flowing…..
Different hues of green!!

Another excuse for driving to Munnar in monsoon next time!

Travel Tips

Route from Bangalore

Bangalore – Salem – Dindigul – Theni – Bodinayakanur – Munnar (520 KMs and 10 hours with breaks)
Bangalore – Salem – Tirupur – Udumalpet – Munnar (475 KMs and 9.30 Hours with breaks)

While driving to Munnar in Monsoon, Our suggestion is to go by one route and return through the other.

Road conditions

Excellent throughout. On the Ghat road, you will find some bad patches and narrow roads. Nothing to worry about as such.

Eating joints

Bangalore – Dindigul has many restaurants on the road for Breakfast and Lunch. If you happen to reach Dindiual at lunchtime, then you should savour the famous Dindigul biryani at Thalappakatti (http://www.thalappakatti.com/)

Coming up next – First vistas of Munnar – mind-blowingly beautiful!

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