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Chitradurga fort & Vanivilas Sagar | Detailed Weekend Travel Guide from Bangalore

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:53 pm

Chitradurga fort is magnificent. In this fourth post in the series “Weekend breaks from Bangalore”, we will help you explore the fort and nearby places.

Weekend breaks or weekend getaways are always short and sweet. It provides much-needed break from the routine. Bangalore is blessed with numerous options for weekend trips to rejuvenate oneself.

These weekend breaks cover Saturday and Sunday. They can be comfortably done by car/bike. A detailed itinerary given here will help you plan the trip. In this series on weekend getaways we have already covered beautiful places like Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur, Coorg. Please check this post for more details – Weekend Breaks from Bangalore – Exciting options with itineraries!

We present the spectacular citadel of Chitradurga and surroundings for you to explore. Immortalised in the local folklore as the “Impregnable stone citadel” this layered fort is magnificent. Apart from the fort, this trip also provides an opportunity to explore the nearby spots of Chandravalli, Jogimatti, Vani Vilas Sagar and Seebi.

So why wait? Plan this trip on one of the weekends.

The Circuit

Bangalore – Shivagange – Tumkur – Seebi – Vani Vilas Sagar – Chitradurga – Bangalore


515 KMs (end to end). Excellent roads.


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The Plan

7 AM – Depart from home. Hit Bangalore – Tumkur Highway. If you are in South Bangaloru, take NICE road and exit at Tumkur road. If you are in East Bangalore, you can take Outer Ring road and enter the highway at Peenya after Hebbal and Jalahalli. For those lucky ones staying in West Bangalore, it is easier to hit the highway quickly.

8.30 AM – Have breakfast on the way either in Kamat Upachar/ Cafe Coffee Day/McDonald’s after Dobbaspet. If you are departing late, then eat at Agarwal Bhavan after Peenya.

9.15 AM – Depart for Shivagange after breakfast.

9.30 AM – Arrive at Shivagange. Climbing the hill to the summit will take time but restrict yourself to visiting the cave temple of Lord Gangadhareshwara. Enjoy the views from the Nandi Mantap nearby and come down.

Chitradurga weekend breaks

The Nandi Mantap, Shivagange

10.30 AM – Depart from Shivagange.

11.30 AM – Reach Seebi. Spend an hour exploring this lovely Vijayanagara period temple, especially the murals which are  beautiful.

Chitradurga Weekend Breaks

The Mural inside the temple

12.30 PM – Depart from Seebi. If you want some coffee or loo break, there is a Coffee day after Sira and you can take advantage of that or if you want an early lunch, then have lunch at Sai Palace before Hiriyur.

1.45 PM – Reach Vani Vilas Sagar. ( Add another hour if planning a break in CCD and early lunch) Spend 45 minutes exploring the dam and the lovely landscape around it.

Chitradurga Weekend breaks

The panoramic view of Vani Vilas Sagar

2.15 PM – Depart from Vani Vilas Sagar and have lunch in Athitya restaurant after Hiriyur. (Drive straight to Chitradurga if you have had early lunch)

4.30 PM – Reach your hotel in Chitradurga. Rest and relax for the day. If you are not tired then you may take the car and visit Chandravalli in the evening. You need an hour at least to explore the place. What makes Chandravalli special is its setting. A large lake surrounded by beautiful forest with spectacular backdrop of rocky hills makes this an interesting place. Enjoy the serene place which will have many evening walkers. The only issue is you will not be able to explore the wonderful Ankali Mutt caves in the evening.

Chitradurga Weekend breaks

lake and hills @ Chandravalli

Day 2

7 AM – Get ready and be there at the entrance of the fort. Chitradurga is a small city and you will comfortably reach the entrance in ten minutes from whichever hotel you are staying in. It is ideal to start the exploration of fort early in the morning as sun gets hot as day pass by. This is one of the spectacular forts in the country spread over small hillocks. It has ponds, beautiful temples, pavilions etc. You can also see some spectacular rock formations. One need at least two hours to explore the fort if one goes only up to Obavvana Kindi. If you want to explore the fort fully, then it would be ideal to have early breakfast and start the exploration by 8 AM. Take a good guide who will be available at the entrance for a small fee.

Chitradurga weekend breaks

The Mahadhwara of the fort

Chitradurga weekend breaks

Sampige Siddeshwra Temple inside the fort

9 AM – Come out of the fort and head straight to Mahalakshmi Bhavan which is close by for a breakfast of excellent Masala Dosa. This is an iconic restaurant in the city known for its crispy Masala Dosas.

10 AM – Return to hotel and after freshening up, if you haven’t gone to Chadravalli on the previous evening, then drive to the place.

10.30 AM – Arrive at Chandravalli and devote two hours for exploring the place including the caves at Ankali Mutt.

12.30 AM – Return to Hotel. After lunch depart from the hotel.

2.30 PM – Depart from the hotel and head straight to Jogimatti. A nice drive up the hill will take you to the Adumalleshwara zoo. Entering the wild life sanctuary requires prior permission from forest authorities.

4 PM – Depart from Jogimatti and head back home.

Travel Tips

  1. There are many places of interest around Chitradurga if you are keen to explore. Here are some
    1. Brahmagiri – 65 KMs – Ashoka era rock edicts
    2. Santhebennur – 55 KMs – Beautiful pushkarani (stepped pond) with pavilions in all directions.
    3. Dodda Hotterangaswamy hill – 42 KMs – A lovely trek in wooded hill to Lord Ranganathaswamy temple.
    4. Thamatekallu – 8 KMs – A place where the oldest “Hero stone” was found in Karnataka.
    5. Sirigere – 6 KMs – Well known Veershaiva Mutt
    6. Muruga Mutt – 2 KMs – Well known Veerashaiva Mutt
    7. Neerthadi – 38 KMs – Lovely temple of Lord Ranganathaswamy in Vijayanagar style
    8. Halu Rameshwara temple – Well known temple with a perennial spring.
  2. There are few good hotels to stay overnight in Chitradurga. Naveen Regency, Aishwarya Fort are some well known ones. KSTDC also has a Mayura Yatri Niwas close to the fort.
  3. Chitradurga can also be covered as a part of extended trip to Hampi from Bangalore. Follow the same itinerary. On completion of exploration of Chitradurga, one can proceed to Hampi instead of Bangalore which is 3 hours drive.
  4. The town of Sira has some lovely islamic monuments. Known once for its Sufi traditions. One has to devote an hour to visit these places either while going or on the way back.
  5. Chandravalli and Jogi Matti are excellent places for bird watchers especially in the mornings. Both these places are excellent for joggers as well.
  6. Sunset at Vani Vilas Sagar is beautiful. Instead of stopping at Vani Vilas Sagar while going as suggested above, you can drive straight to your hotel after Seebi and come back again an hour before sun set.
  7. Wear a good hat and shoe to explore the fort as it involved climbing steps. Carry enough water.
  8. A good camera and binoculars will come in handy.
  9. The itinerary is based on comfortable driving speed and is only indicative. Depending on your comfort, you can twek the itinerary.

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