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Lalbagh is Lovely | Go NOW!

Written by Poorna & Brinda

Lalbagh is lovely.

Yes, Lalbagh in Bangalore is beautiful at this time of the year. The flower show is still on till this weekend.

We went for our morning run today. It had been almost three weeks since we ventured into the beautiful garden. We were there at dawn and it was pleasantly chilly! Long weekend and morning chill meant there wasn’t much crowd inside. We were greeted by lovely rows of Salvias and Marigold at the entrance gate. We had seen them as small plants few weeks back and they were in blooming glory! After that it was a treat all the way. We saw for the first time interesting set up made of flowers around Glass house. Take a look at these pictures. Please click on the pictures to see them in larger size.

Lalbagh is lovely

At the entrance of West gate. A welcome arrangement!

Lalbagh is lovely

At the fountain, West gate. Lovely Salvias with contrasting yellows of Marigold and Zinnias!!

Lalbagh is lovely

These kind of floral borders can be seen at many places. This lovely one is all Impatiens of different colours!!

Lalbagh is lovely

A tribute in flowers to Father of Indian constitution – Dr Ambedkar

Lalbagh is lovely

Around Glass house was some of the unique concepts and they are really lovely. This is peacock in Petunias!

Lalbagh is lovely

Lalbagh is lovely

This was another interesting set up. Looked like a row of pergolas. A row of marigolds in the foreground adds beauty.

Lalbagh is lovely

Happy Valentine’s day! In lovely Begonias.

Lalbagh is lovely

This was the piece de resistance. In Petunias. Looked like floral slides!

Lalbagh is lovely

Around an antique light pole!

Lalbagh is lovely

We were also surprised at the well pruned topiary garden!

Lalbagh is lovely

As we were near the giant silk cotton tree – the heritage tree of Lalbagh – we noticed its lovely flowers for the first time. Take a look. Don’t miss this sight.

Lalbagh is lovely

As we were exiting from the west gate we noticed the flower shower. Not sure of the name of the tree.

Tip – Go at dawn. Go for a nice walk in the garden and enjoy the beautiful flowers. Carry your wallet or few hundred rupee notes – we didn’t and was a big mistake – so that you can enter inside the glass house to see flower show by paying Rs 50 per head. Worth every paise. Since it is early morning, there won’t be rush and jostling and you will have enough photo opportunities. This facility was not available earlier as the glass house entry used to be only at 9 AM. Make use of this change.

What are you waiting for? Lalbagh is lovely! Go Now!

After completing your visit, if you still have energy, you can go for a walking tour of Gandhi Bazar visiting Bugle rock and Bull temple. If not, you can either have your breakfast in MTR near main gate or drive to Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazar or Brahmin’s Coffee bar in Shankara Puram for breakfast.

Let us know how was your visit. Do you agree that Lalbagh is lovely?

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