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Road Trip in Monsoon | 10 Essential Tips for a Memorable Adventure!

monsoon road trip

Last updated on June 9th, 2024 at 09:09 pm

We love the magic of a road trip in Monsoon! There’s something incredibly soothing about hitting the road when raindrops start to fall. The lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and gushing streams create a symphony that’s perfect for the soul.

Driving during the monsoon is perfect way to unwind oneself.

But to make sure your monsoon adventure is not only memorable but also safe, a bit of preparation is essential.

Here are 10 Vital tips for your 2024 road trip in monsoon:

Make sure your vehicle is road-ready by giving it a thorough check-up at least a week before you set off. Pay special attention to the brakes, wipers, lights – (head lights, tail lights and fog lamps), and the air conditioner including defroster. Check the level of windshield washer water and fill it if required.

2. Inspect Your Tyres

monsoon road trip

Your tyres are your lifeline on the road. Get them checked at a tyre servicing center to ensure they’re in top condition, and don’t forget to inspect the spare wheel too.

monsoon road trip

Be ready for any roadside emergencies with a complete tool kit and a portable tyre inflator. A microfiber cloth is also handy for keeping your windshield clear.

monsoon road trip

Plot your route in advance and double-check road conditions. If the weather looks dicey or the roads seem rough, consider tweaking your route accordingly.

Pack essentials like rain capes, umbrellas, and a flashlight. Sudden downpours can strike anytime, so it’s best to be prepared.

Always add a few hours of buffer time to your plans. Heavy rain can cause sudden road closures and delays.

Monsoon driving requires a different approach. Keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Don’t overspeed.
  • Take curves slowly.
  • Watch out for puddles and submerged roads.
  • Ensure good visibility with functioning wipers and headlights.
  • Stay in the middle of the road for better traction.
  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Stay alert and focused on the road ahead.
  • Never cross a submerged road.
  • Use your headlights when necessary.
  • Avoid following large vehicles too closely as their spray can reduce your vision.
  • Use brakes sparingly and avoid hard braking.
  • Don’t park under a tree during heavy rain.
  • Use hazard lights when parked on the side.
  • Don’t use cruise control.
  • Increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front to at least four seconds.
  • Avoid driving at night during monsoon.
monsoon road trip

Road conditions can change rapidly during the monsoon. Be on the lookout for landslides, swollen streams, potholes, and fallen trees. When in doubt, ask locals for the latest information on road conditions.

9. Keep Phones Charged

monsoon road trip

Ensure your phone is always charged. It’s often when you need it most that the battery dies.

monsoon road trip

Aquaplaning occurs when water builds up in front of your tyres faster than your vehicle can displace it, creating a thin layer between the tyre and the road. Check out more details on aquaplaning here.

By following these tips, you can ensure your monsoon road trip is not only fulfilling but also safe and memorable. So, roll down those windows, let the rain kiss your face, and embark on an adventure to remember!

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