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Bandipur – Jungle is Alive!

We never get tired of visiting Bandipur.

There is always an aura of excitement when you plan a trip to a national park like Bandipur. Especially when you are visiting a park famous for its tigers. Anyone who has been to forests will agree that spotting big cats is anything but a chance. One has to be lucky. It is the excitement of looking for the elusive cat in its natural habitat which brings us back to Bandipur.

We were there last year and again in the month of may this year. The sightings were very good during this year’s summer. Our plan to go during summer got delayed and mango showers had already arrived making sightings difficult. Nevertheless, the forest was alive with so many animals which made our day. We missed seeing the tiger. But we were treated with rare sighting of Leopard.
A picture is worth a thousand words!

This is a pictologue of us getting bewitched in the jungles of Bandipur.
We get into our jeep for Safari as the sun comes up in the east 
I will also join you on the Safari!
Looking for my breakfast – Indian Grey Mongoose 
Motherly care!
Am i doing good? Peacock walk! 
Who’s there? – Monitor lizard 
Click me now! Golden Tailed Mongoose
In Pensive mood – Langur
Barking deer 
Samba Deer
This was only the beginning. We were to get an experience of our lifetime – seeing Leopard in all glory and almost geting chased by a tusker!

We will share it in next Part. Stay tuned.

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