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BR Hills & Shivanasamudra falls – Weekend Trip Guide!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:41 pm

BR Hills National Park & Shivanasamudra Falls plus the sandy beach at Talakadu makes a nice weekend trip!

This is the Seventh in the  Weekend getaways from Bangalore series. These are trips to tourist places near Bangalore within 300 KMs. These can also be considered as a 2 day trip from Bangalore.  These trips are excellent weekend getaways for family.

They provide much-needed break from the routine. Bangalore is blessed with numerous options for weekend trips to revitalise oneself.

These weekend getaways from Bangalore cover travel Saturday and Sunday. They can be comfortably done by car/bike. A detailed itinerary given here will help you plan the trip to lovely BR Hills.

So why wait? Plan this trip on one of the weekends.

The Circuit

Bangalore – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Ganganachukki Waterfalls – Barachukki Waterfalls – BR Hills National Park – Talakadu – Malavalli – Kanakapura – Bangalore


371 KMs (end to end). Excellent roads.


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The Plan

7 AM – Depart from Bangalore. Enter Kanakapura road. You are lucky if you are near NICE road where you can exit at Kanakapura Road and join the road.

8 AM – Breakfast at iconic MTR or Hotel Yoga Prasanna at Kaggalipura after you cross Art of Living ashram. Excellent Thatte Idlis

8.45 AM – Depart and drive straight to Kanakapura. Cross Kanakapura town and drive towards Malavalli. Cross Malavalli on the bye pass road. After 10 KMs you will find a signage for Gaganachukki falls. Turn left and drive for few minutes to reach the water falls.

10.30 AM – Arrive at Gaganachukki falls. Park your car and walk to the view-point. Enjoy the beauty of the cascade. Spend 30 minutes here.

BR Hills National Park

11 AM – Depart from Gaganachukki falls and drive to Barachukki falls which is at a distance of 15 KMs. When you reach the highway, turn left. On the way stop for five minutes to enjoy the lovely view of Cauvery backwaters. After driving for few KMs, you will find a prominent junction with signage for Barachukki falls.

11.20 AM – Arrive at Barachukki falls. Park your car and walk to the view-point. Spend 30 minutes savouring the beauty of the waterfalls.

BR Hills National Park

Lovely backwaters on Cauvery Barrage.

11.50 AM – Depart from Barachukki falls and head straight to B R Hills.

1.45 PM – Arrive at BR Hills National Park. Check into the hotel, have lunch and relax for some time.

3.00 PM – Go for Safari. Check if hotel can buy the tickets in advance from counter in Kyatarayanagudi (K Gudi) forest office. The safari starts at 4 PM.

6 PM – On the way back from safari drive up to the Biligiri Ranganatha Temple which is at the highest point in the area. It has lovely views of the forest and plains below. You may also see sunset.

7.00 PM – Return back to your hotel. Relax for the day.

Day 2“

6.00 AM – Get up to the calls of Hill Myna. After a cup of coffee, get ready for another round of Jungle safari.

6.30 AM – Go for Jungle safari. Safari starts at 7 AM You will get a chance to see many animals like the ones below.

BR Hills National Park

BR Hills National Park

BR Hills National Park

BR Hills National Park

8.30 AM – Return back from Jungle safari.

9 AM – Breakfast time at hotel.

10.30 AM – Depart from your hotel.

12.30 PM – Arrive at Talakad. Enjoy the Sandy beach on the banks of Kaveri. Visit the lovely Chola temples. Check out more on Talakad here.

One Day trip from Bangalore 10 – Shivanasamudra falls and Sandy beach!

2 PM  – Lunch time. Head to Raya resorts or Jaladhama Resorts for lunch. Speak to them in advance and book it.

3.30 PM – Depart for Bangalore.

5.30 PM – Stop over at Hotel Krishnam Udupi after Art of Living ashram  for light snacks and Coffee.

6.30 PM – Depart from Hotel Krishnam Udupi and return home.

For More details on BR Hills National Park, please click this post on this blog – BR Hills – A Morning Rendezvous with a Leopard!

Travel Information

Stay Options

The best options for stay in BR Hills National Park are

  1. K Gudi Wilderness Camp – Managed by Jungle Lodges and resorts, this was the first one to be established in BR Hills national park. Decent cottages, excellent naturalists and Good food makes it a good option. Don’t expect luxury here. Safari starts from here.
  2. Gorukana – Managed Vivekananda Tribal welfare Trust is fairly new property having been established four years back. Designed by award-winning architect Namit Varma of  GNA Architects, it has charming cottages and tree houses next to an artificial lake. Local tribal boys have been employed as naturalists and they are excellent. Food is decent too.
  3. Giridarshini is another nice home stay option to stay.

Travel Tips

  1. Timings are indicative for travelling in Car/bike.
  2. Once you enter the forest check post of BR Hills National Park, keep a watch for wild animals. Especially near the water bodies. You may be lucky to spot Elephants, Wild Boar or Indian Guar. If you are super lucky you may spot big cats – Tiger and Leopard!
  3. Drive slow once you enter the forest. Open the car windows and enjoy fresh air.
  4. Carry good Binoculars and a torch.

  5. Carry a good hat and sunscreen lotion. It is required if you drive to Talakad on the way back.
  6. Get up early and hit the road at dawn if there is no safari. Chances of seeing wild animals will be bright at this time

  7. Don’t worry if you can not see a tiger or leopard. There are other wild animals to be seen.

  8. BR Hills is a bird watchers paradise. 

  9. The naturalists at Jungle Lodges and Gorukana are knowledgeable about flora and fauna. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

  10. Trekking inside forest is not allowed at times. Check out with you hotel for latest information.

  11. VGKK, The NGO has a retail outlet from where you can buy organically produced items. Look out for the furniture made out of Lantana shrub. Looks very good and cheap.

  12. The national park looks beautiful after rains.

  13.  Check with your hotel for Safari. Sometimes Safari will be banned due to forest fires.

  14. The other places to visit in BR Hills National Park are – Ranganathaswamy temple, VGKK Shop.
  15. The place is lovely for cycling. Take your bicycles along and enjoy the ride in the morning. The forest roads should be avoided after dusk due to movement of wild elephants.

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