Kadamane Estate Revisited

Last updated on December 26th, 2017 at 03:49 pm

A year back we visited Kadamane estate, a beautiful plantation stay in Sakleshpur. You can read all about it here 
Kadamane Estate in Sakleshpur
The main bungalow was under renovation and we stayed in the new cottage which was built in the estate. Last week on our way to Mangalore, we stopped over at Kadamane. The bungalow is now  renovated and looks every inch a “British Bungalow” of yesteryears. Long corridors, foyers, ante room with a fire place, bar, the billiard room and beautiful lawn makes this a lovely place. 
Sinnadorai Bungalow in Kadamane estate must rank amongst the largest estate bungalows. The newly renovated bungalow has six spacious rooms with fire place. 
Go there to experience a typical plantation holiday. 
Here are some pictures.

Main foyer of the bungalow
The right wing of the bungalow
Long corridors…….

The Ante room 
Lovely corners to sit and sip tea

Elegant and spacious rooms 
Dining hall
Dore Honda – Pristine pond where picnic lunches can be enjoyed

The water fall to which one can trek from the estate


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