Human watching on a Goa beach!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:45 pm

What does one do on a Goa beach? We did something interesting. Human watching!
Goa is one of our favourite places and we do visit the land of Sun, Sand and Feni at least once a year. Beach hopping is a favourite past time and we always come back with good memories when we go there.
We had never been to Goa for New Year but decided to go there in Dec 2011. New year’s eve is best celebrated in Goa, if you are OK with the crowds and jacked up prices of hotels!
On the evening of the first day of 2012, we were in Benaulim beach in South Goa. It was a sunday and crowds had thronged the beach. It was interesting to do some human watching on the beach and capture it in the camera.
Thees are some candid shots on the beach.
I am in charge here!!
Who says men don’t take responsibility!!…………look at this and…….the one below
All concentration……..Trying to get out of the muck!!
All concentration————–building a sand house


An Indian family enjoying the outing to the beach
A dad with his kids

Next time when you go to Goa, spend some time on a Goa beach watching people around. It is interesting indeed!

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  • Hi!
    This is interesting topic “Human Watching”.
    Nice pics. I had been to this beach.

    No other place will be better than Goa for New year. I had my last three new years in Goa and wishing every year to start from Goa.

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