Kushi Beach, Rameshwaram – Quaint, Lovely and Unexplored!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:46 pm

You may not have heard about this place earlier. Neither did we, till we bumped into it while on our trip to Rameshwaram last October.

The name excited us as we were driving towards the temple town. We happened to check out this lonely, forlorn and palm fringed, beautiful beach just before Rameshwaram.

We are not sure who gave the beach its name. It is called “Kushi beach” and is a beautiful stretch of sand. It really makes you “Happy”. That is what “Kushi” means in Indian languages. The water was still and wave less. We could walk easily into the water.

Look for the signage before Pamban rail bridge when you are driving to Rameshwaram from Madurai.
The beach is two KMs off the highway and the road is good.
Don’t miss this when you visit Rameshwaram next time. The beach is empty on weekdays and gets local crowd only on weekends.

Postscript – It is a known fact that Coromandel coast in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu has some of the gorgeous beaches which are not popularised. Whether it is Tranquebar or Poompuhar or Dhansuhkodi, it has some lovely beaches. With peace returning to Northern and Eastern parts of Lanka, the Sri Lankan government is hard selling the beautiful beaches on its north and east coast. These beaches of North Sri Lanka are nothing but extension of our own Coromandel coast. Here in India, we don’t seem to care for them.

Last word – When we went second time before COVID, we could collect lovely Corals which were on the beach!! This beach is awesomely beautiful!

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