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6 Pristine beaches in South India to explore this Winter!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:42 pm

Winter is here and it is time to explore some lovely beaches in South India.

The weather is perfect. Chill in the morning. Sunny skies. Azure waters. Lovely sands. If you are someone who loves beaches like us,  it is time to head these unknown and unexplored – till now – beaches in South India.

1 Dhareshwar, Mangodlu, Vanalli beaches

Kumta is a sleepy little town on the west coast of Karnataka. A culturally rich town also has some of the best beaches in the country. Not known to many outside the state, the beaches of Dhareshwar, Mangodlu and Vannalli are gems of Arabian sea.

The satellite picture of two beaches – Mangodlu and Vanalli. Don’t they look lovely?


Vanalli beach


Dhareshwar beach

Mangodlu beach


Travel Tips – Kumta is well-connected by rail and bus to other parts of the country. The nearest airport is Mangalore. Kumta can also be used as a base to do day trips to Murdeshwar or Gokarna. There are not many options on the beach except this lovely place Aura Eco Stay on Dhareshwar beach. Two other places Eden Home stay and Panchavajra Home stay are in the  middle of plantations.

2 Honey Beach

Any one who has done the beach trek between Gokarna and Kumta would have seen this lovely beach. Not sure how these beaches are named.  This  is a secluded cove with golden sands! The colour of the sand might have given the name to the beach!

Secluded and golden sands of Honey beach…


Travel Tips – Ankola is the nearest town which is well-connected by rail and road. The nearest airport is Mangalore. The best place to stay is Honey Beach Cottages which is bang on the beach.

3 Valiyaperumba

We had mentioned Kodi bengere last time. It is amazing to see something similar in Kerala as well. Valiyaperumba is unspoilt and unknown. Go for back water cruise. Laze on the lovely beach. Go there before it becomes another Kumarakkom!

The backwaters at Valiyaperumba…..


The long stretches of lovely sands at Valiyaperumba…..

Travel Tips – Kozhikode is the nearest airport and Payyanur is the nearest railway station. There are few good resorts around the place like Oyster Opera or Uthradam Hill Resort or Kavvayi Beach House from where one can explore this lagoon beach.

3 Dhanushkodi

You might have heard of this place. Yes, you might have read about it in Ramayana as well. Danushkodi was the last town on east coast before Sri Lanka. The place from where Lord Rama is to have built the bridge over the sea.

The town was wiped out due to a cyclone in sixties. It is a ghost town with ruins still intact. Earlier, only Jeeps and 4*4 vehicles could go to the land’s tip. A fabulous road has been built now. The beaches in Dhanushkodi are as pristine as ever.



Travel Tips – Make Rameshwram as the base to explore Dhanushkodi. Rameshwaram is well-connected by rail and bus to other parts of the country. The nearest airport is at Madurai. There are many options to stay in Rameshwaram. On the way to Rameshwaram, don’t miss to visit fabulous Kushi beach or Ariyaman beach. This is before the Pamban bridge. More details here

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