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Manali | 5 Offbeat things to do in the Hill town!

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:02 pm

Offbeat things to do in Manali? We present five offbeat things in Manali to enhance your travel experience to the hill town.

Yes, we are writing about not so familiar activities – Paragliding in Solang, ATB bike rides, the rope way in Solang, playing in snow in Rohtang or wandering aimlessly in the Mall road or even rafting on Beas river – one does in Manali. .

These are five enriching experiences you can get when you plan to visit Manali next time.

1 Go for treks


We went for trekking on the trail to Beas Kund and it is lovely!

Unless one is an avid trekker, many do not know that Manali and its towering mountains offers marvellous treks. You can choose from a bouquet of options from the highest trek to Hanuman Dibba or to Hampta pass or Beas Kund. Each one beautiful in itself giving you an opportunity to be part of Himalayas. No traffic jams. No pollution. No crowds. Only you and the mountains. It is bliss.

2 Go for drives


Manali has lovely drives around it. You can either hire a bike or drive in your own car!

When in Manali, you should plan for some nice drives. You can hire a bike for these short drives or go in your car. A drive to Jana waterfalls is a pure bliss. It will take you all the way up in the mountains. The falls in itself is nothing spectacular. But the drive is lovely. Go for a day trip to Parashar lake or to Kasol/Manikaran. Parvati valley is lovely and so is the winding road leading to Parashar lake.

3. Drive beyond Rohtang


The drive along Chandra river is lovely with myriad water falls!!

Everyone drive to Rohtang Pass to play in snow and enjoy the rides on snowmobile etc. The charm of Rohtang lies beyond the touristy and crowded areas. Get a permit to drive beyond Rohtang Pass, drive to Rohtang top at a height of 13,000 feet and drive down till Keylong or Sissu. Experience driving through snow tunnels – if there is snow – and get a 360 degree view of snow-capped mountains of Pir Panjal ranges. After descending from the pass, enjoy spectacular views of Chandra valley till Keylong. Stay in any of guesthouses/Home Stays in these places and return back next day.

4. Stay in a Himachali Homestay


Home stays like this in Himachal will provide a lovely experience of local culture….(Photo Courtesy – Tree Top Cottage)

Still in infant stages compared to the home stay boom in Karnataka, staying in a Himachali home has its own charms. From eating local cuisine – different from Punjabi fare dished out in all Indian restaurants in Manali – to spend time around in the village will give a different perspective to one’s travel.

5. Visit a Shawl making factory


A visit to the shawl factory will give you first hand experience of shawl making….

Kullu shawls are famous. Why don’t you spend few minutes to see how they are woven? You can stop for few minutes and checkout these factories on the way to Manali. It is worth a visit.

These were few offbeat things we thought will enhance your experience in Manali. Do you have any more to add?  We welcome your ideas.

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