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8 Wonderful Weekend Getaways from Bangalore for two days trip with itinerary!

weekend getaways from Bangalore

Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 05:54 pm

Weekend getaways from Bangalore listed here are short and sweet. They provide much-needed break from the routine.

There are numerous options for weekend trips from Bangalore to rejuvenate oneself. These weekend getaways near Bangalore are in the hills, riverside, wild life parks and more…..

These weekend getaways from Bangalore cover Saturday and Sunday. They can be comfortably done by car/bike. A detailed day wise itinerary given here will help you plan the trip.

Advisory – Please check out the COVID restrictions for these places before you plan the trip

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Weekend Getaways from Bangalore 1 – Meadows and Backwaters in Sakleshpur

weekend getaways from Bangalore

Meadows of Sakleshpur!

In this weekend road trip from Bangalore, we want you to get spellbound by spectacular Sakleshpur! Sakleshpur is well-known for the coffee estates, pristine forests, streams and waterfalls and of course lovely meadows!

Click on this link for a detailed itinerary – Spectacular Meadows and Backwaters of Sakleshpur

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore 2 – Three waterfalls in captivating Coorg!

weekend breaks

Mallali falls

In this weekend trip from Bangalore, get captivated by Coorg and its waterfalls!  Kodagu as it is also known is in the western ghats in Karnataka. Famous for its natural beauty of rolling hills, forests and waterfalls, it is also known as “Scotland of the east”.

Click on this link for a detailed itineraryThree falls in captivating Coorg!

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore 3 – Charming Chikmagalur!

Weekend breaks

Beautiful valleys of Bababudangiri

In this trip, you will get an opportunity to explore unknown wonder Devaramane, Spectacular valleys of Mullayyana Giri and Bababudan Giri hills. And of course few waterfalls too!

Click on this link for a detailed itineraryCharming Chikmagalur!

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore 4 | Magnificent Chitradurga fort & More…

weekend getaways from Bangalore

Clockwise from Left – The entrance to the fort, Sampige Siddheshwara temple inside fort, Chandravalli lake, Vani Vilas Sagar dam

Chitradurga fort is magnificent. In this fourth post in the series this is one of the lovely weekend destinations near Bangalore we will help you explore the fort and nearby places. Immortalised in the local folklore as the “Impregnable stone citadel” this layered fort of Chitradurga is magnificent. Apart from the fort, this trip also provides an opportunity to explore the nearby spots of Chandravalli, Jogimatti, Vani Vilas Sagar and Seebi.

Please click the link below for a detailed itinerary – Magnificent Chitradurga fort & More

Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 5 – Shravanabelagola & Hoysala wonders!

Fifth in the Weekend getaways around Bangalore series, this trip will provide you an opportunity to explore some of the finest examples of Indian sculptural Heritage. This trip will take you to not only to the famed temples at ShravanabelagolaBelur and Halebid but also some unknown Hoysala gems.

Please click the link for a detailed itinerary – Shravanabelagola & Hoysala Wonders

Weekend getaway from Bangalore 6 – Yercaud and Hoganekkal Waterfalls


Sixth in the series of Weekend Getaways near Bangalore, we present the lovely hill station of Yercaud and magnificent waterfalls at Hogenakkal. Yercaud near Salem in Shevaroy Hill ranges is a cute little hill station. This trip from Bangalore to Yercaud is an easy drive to unwind over the weekend. Yercaud and Hogenakkal is a lovely combination of hills and waterfalls to rejuvenate one’s spirits. We have been there few times and is a favourite weekend getaway for Bangaloreans!

Please click the link for a detailed itinerary – Yercaud and Hoganekkal Falls

Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 7 – BR Hills and Shivanasamudra falls

BR Hills is a fantastic destination for a weekend road trip from Bangalore! We will help you explore the wild wonders BR Hills National Park & Shivanasamudra Falls plus the sandy beach at Talakadu.

Please click the link for a detailed itinerary – BR Hills and Shivanasamudra falls

8 Weekend Getaway from Bangalore 8 – Lepakshi, Bellum caves and Gandikota fort canyon

This trip helps you to explore Lepakshi-Bellum Caves-Gandikota wherein you will see outstanding temples of Vijayanagar era in Lepakshi, Penukonda and Tadipatri. Explore the mesmerising caves at Bellum. It will also take you to the ” Grand Canyon of India” at Gandikota.

Check out detailed itinerary here –

We will continue to add to this list in future.

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