6 Unexplored Beaches in South India to visit this Winter!

Unexplored beaches in South India? Are you kidding? Do we still have them?

These may be some of your questions. Fortunately there are many beaches on the long coast of South india which are unexplored & pristine.

Three years back we wrote on 5 Lovely beaches in India you should visit before summer. This time as we continued our exploration of the coast we came up with some real gems. All these are easily accessible.

1 Perupalem beach, Andhra Pradesh

Unexplored Beaches in South India

The long coast line of Andhra Pradesh has some unexplored beaches in south India. Not many know about this lovely beach which is very close to Antarvedi beach which is an another gem. Antarvedi is where Vasistha, one of tributaries of Godavari, meets the Bay of Bengal. Move slightly away from Antarvedi you will come to Perupalam beach. The long lonely stretches of sand is inviting. The palm fringed beach is safe to swim. This is one of the few beaches on the east coast where you can also enjoy sun set!

Travel Tips – Make Narsapuram as the base to explore many lovely beaches around. Palaveli boutique resort is a nice place to stay in and explore the region.

2 Manapad, Tamil Nadu

Unexplored Beaches in South India

The coromandel coast of Tamil nadu has some finest beaches in the country. We wrote about Kushi Beach earlier. We had only heard Manapad but never ventured to see it. A friend of ours was raving about not only the beach but also the unique heritage of the place. Situated at the nose of Gulf of Munnar, Manapad stands out for its History, Gothic styled churches, virgin untouched beaches and the beautiful Portuguese villas. Manapad is also an excellent destination for surfing in india.

Travel Tips – Manapad is well connected to other places in Tamil Nadu. Villa De Joseph, a lovely Portuguese bungalow turned into a boutique hotel is the best place to stay. The famous temple town of Tiruchendur is close by.

3 Muttom, Tamil Nadu

Unexplored Beaches in South India

Come out of the crowded beaches of Kanyakumari to enjoy a peaceful evening of sunset. Muttom is one such beach. A lovely beach with boulders which in turn has created lovely nooks. The sand is colourful and beach is clean.

Travel Tips – One can either do a day trip from Kanyakumari -which has better stay options – to this place or stay in Nagerkoil. Check out this lovely website for stunning pictures of this beautiful place 

4 Kapu or Kaup, Karnataka

unexplored beaches in south india

We are not sure how many times we have been to this place. But Kapu is still unknown though very close to temple town of Udupi. The iconic lighthouse on top of a small hill on the beach is a beautiful sight. Add to miles of lovely sand and you have a beautiful beach to die for!

Travel tips – Make Udupi as a base to explore the beaches in the vicinity. A drive or bicycling from Kapu to the Shaneeshwara temple on the coast road – 15 KMs – is a lovely experience with sea on one side and river on the other. Check this map

5 Kodi Bengre, Karnataka

unexplored beaches in south india

You would not have heard of this place unless you are looking for some surfing destination in India. Yes, it has one of the best surfing schools in the country led by a lady instructor. It was a wow experience when we visited the place few years back. But the place is too good to be missed with Suvarna river on one side and lovely beach on the other. A narrow strip of land between the sea and the river makes this place picture perfect and one of the unexplored beaches in South India.

Take a look at this video to get stunned at the beauty of the place – Kodi Bengre

Travel Tips – Though there are some guest houses in the area, it is better to stay in Udupi and explore the region.

6 Kannur, Kerala

unexplored beaches in south india

Why did we choose Kannur? Beacuse we love this place! Yes, Kannur is a big town and at the same time the Malabar coast has some beautiful beaches which are still unexplored. That is the reason we included it in our list. We can count at least five lovely beaches around Kannur for you to explore. Further, you have excellent backwaters for going on lovely cruises.

Travel Tips – Kannur has many options to stay and is well connected to other parts of the country.

Plan out a trip this winter to any of these beaches and come back refreshed. There are many unexplored beaches on the long coast of South India. If you are adventurous, check out this post on beach treks which will take you to beaches like “Half moon beach or “Paradise beach” which are extraordinarily beautiful!

Please make sure that you follow all safety guidelines when you enjoy these beaches. These beaches may not have any life guards and neither do they have any shacks like you see in Goa. Take your food and water and a small tent.

Enjoy the sun and sand!

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